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v. strode (strōd), strid·den (strĭd′n), strid·ing, strides
1. To walk with long steps, especially in a hasty or vigorous way.
2. To take a single long step, as in passing over an obstruction.
3. To stand or sit astride; straddle.
1. To walk with long steps on, along, or over: striding the stage.
2. To step over or across: stride a brook.
3. To be astride of; straddle.
1. The act of striding.
a. A single long step.
b. The distance traveled in such a step.
a. A single coordinated movement of the four legs of a horse or other animal, completed when the legs return to their initial relative position.
b. The distance traveled in such a movement.
4. often strides A step of progress; an advance: making great strides in their studies.
hit (one's) stride
1. To achieve a steady, effective pace.
2. To attain a maximum level of competence.
take in stride
To cope with calmly, without interrupting one's normal routine: taking their newfound wealth in stride.

[Middle English striden, from Old English strīdan.]

strid′er n.
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Noun1.strider - a person who walks rapidly with long steps; "he was such a strider that she couldn't keep up without running"
pedestrian, footer, walker - a person who travels by foot
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