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The actor, famous for playing Rab C Nesbitt, is swapping fish suppers and string vests for puffsleeves and poisoned apples in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Glasgow's King's Theatre - his first panto since 1981.
String vests, baggy ill-fitting shorts, socks with sandals - take this away and what have you got?
I WON'T be bidding for the late Sir Jimmy Savile's trademark string vests, his white leather sofa, or his diamond encrusted Rolex watch in the charity auction of his effects.
The image of Britons abroad has changed with men no longer wearing knotted hankies or string vests.
Distinct lack of hair and a penchant for string vests, earrings and leather.
One time, we were working on a dress for Kylie and he sent me around the corner to the market to buy eight string vests for pounds 1 each.
T4 on the Beach 2010 Channel 4, 2pm Long-gone are the days of Weston-super-Mare's saucy seaside postcards, hankies on heads and string vests on bright red paunches, as the annual T4 invasion kicks over the beach's sandcastles, once more populating the picturesque white sands with a throng of music-hungry revellers.
They were young, cheeky and a bit camp in string vests but, unsurprisingly in a room full of hormonal teenage girls, they went down a storm.
Their greasy hair, baseball caps and dodgy string vests are hilarious and while their sound is nothing new, their comedy value more than makes up for it.
The new punk means sexy string vests and neon accessories - like Atomic Kitten's Jenny
STRING vests are making a comeback, with sales up across the country.
BEVERLEY KNIGHT failed to realise that, when Gwen Stefani told her undies look really cool with string vests, she didn't mean a baggy grey sports bra.