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A horizontal band or molding set in the face of a building as a design element.


(Architecture) another name for cordon4


(ˈstrɪŋˌkɔrs, -ˌkoʊrs)

a horizontal band, as of stone, projecting beyond or flush with the face of a building.
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So I looked for modillion and found "an ornamental cantilever beneath the corona or similar member of a cornice, stringcourse, etc.
In his work, we see Richardson as a man whose genius for geometry sings forth in every stringcourse and mortar bed, because each stratum of dressed stone is presented as the inevitable product of a singularly powerful presiding intellect.
In many cases, the refurbished and aligned house fronts along the sweep of the Corso (and elsewhere in the side streets) were given an added touch of homogeneity through the addition of continuing stringcourses and stucco work scored in mock-ashlar fashion (Fig.