striped mullet

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Noun1.Striped mullet - most important commercial mullet in eastern United Statesstriped mullet - most important commercial mullet in eastern United States
gray mullet, grey mullet, mullet - freshwater or coastal food fishes a spindle-shaped body; found worldwide
genus Mugil, Mugil - type genus of the Mugilidae: mullets
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Silver mullet and striped mullet are the predominant mullet species of Florida's shallow inshore waters, common around grassflats, shorelines and seawalls along bays, creeks, estuaries and coastal beaches around the state.
One of the selections that sets the Sandbar's menu apart is bottarga, processed gray striped mullet roe often called Mediterranean caviar and wildly popular on the sea's shores.
and Silverstein (National Center for Cool and Coldwater Aquaculture) present 29 papers, based on presentations given at an August 2001 symposium of the American Fisheries Society, that describe techniques for culturing such species as abalone, bay scallop, giant clam, queen conch, shrimp, crawfish, sea urchin, turtle hatchlings, alligator, paddlefish, channel catfish, barramundi, snook, grouper, striped bass, sunfish and hybrids, walleye, lingcod, striped mullet, red drum, cobia, halibut, yellowtail jacks, tilapia, white sucker, and baitfish.
Abstract--This study examined the sexual differentiation and reproductive dynamics of striped mullet (Mugil cephalus L.
FAO's most recent global assessment identified a number of Mediterranean stocks as overexploited, including bluefin tuna, Atlantic bonito, hake, swordfish, whiting, striped mullet and sea bream.
We used striped mullet as laboratory test animals to better define the uptake and elimination kinetics of brevetoxin during an aqueous exposure to the brevetoxin-producing dinoflagellate Karenia brevis.
This data enhances our understanding of the biology of this little studied species of monogenean, as well as provides insight into the biology of the striped mullet.
Topsmelt, striped mullet, deepbody anchovy, and slough anchovy inhabitat the water column of both the main channels and along the shoreline, although topsmelt and mullet feed on the bottom.
As worldwide demand for fish roe has increased in recent years (Iversen, 1990), roe products have been developed and prepared from such diverse species groups as the lumpfish (Cyclopteridae) in the North Atlantic (Stevenson and Baird, 1988), flying-fishes (Exocoetidae) in the tropics, capelin (Osmeridae) in more boreal waters (Iversen, 1990), and striped mullet (Mugilidae) along the southeastern United States (Leard et al.
Striped mullet are the most abundant and largest with bodies displaying distinct stripes.
Local populations of the larger striped mullet will also be congregating in vulnerable areas.