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1. The act or process of marking or decorating with stripes.
a. The stripes placed on something.
b. A pattern of stripes.
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Noun1.striping - the act of marking with stripesstriping - the act of marking with stripes  
marking - the act of making a visible mark on a surface
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A strip of fur the same brownish color as most of the rest of the body separates the dark-light-dark striping.
The Striping / Pavement Markings contract will be for various road construction, overlays, and rehabilitative projects.
All are available in either fluorescent orange material with lime reflective striping or in fluorescent lime material with silver reflective striping.
Due to the combination of striping (for large files) and mirroring (for small files), plus its lack of parity (for frequent writes), RAID-1+0 often exhibits higher throughput than RAID-1 and lower response times than RAID-5.
The Print-A-Mark Stripe-It prints a continuous bright stripe on fabric, film, wire and extruded tread stock without disturbing the aesthetics of the product, or the mess associated with conventional striping methods, according to the company.