strong belief

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Noun1.strong belief - an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence
belief - any cognitive content held as true
amateurism - the conviction that people should participate in sports as a hobby (for the fun of it) rather than for money
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That gentleman yonder--' pointing to the clergyman--'has often in the last few days spoken to me of faith, and strong belief.
He had a strong belief, which was a lifelong habit, and required no definite evidence to rest on, that his father could spend a great deal of money if he chose; and since his education at Mr.
But Charley Harling and I had a strong belief that he had been along this very river.
I believe that the team has a strong belief in themselves and that's the objective from a management point.
Our choice of Abu Dhabi also demonstrates Deloitte's commitment to the UAE and strong belief in its infrastructure, fundamentals, and services to successfully deliver an event of this nature," he added.
Kalam is known in particular for his inspirational words to children and young people due to his strong belief that they play the most significant role in the progress of a country.
1 : a strong belief or opinion <political convictions>
Talal Al-Maiman, executive director of local investments and development at KHC who is a board member of Tasnee, commented: "We have taken the decision to subscribe to our pro rata of the rights issue due to our strong belief that Tasnee is a well run company with huge real potential to deliver rewarding returns to its shareholders.
Our motivation here isn't profit taking, but rather our strong belief in a safe and healthy environment and what that can accomplish for everyone," stated Guardian CEO Sandy Herzfeld.
The companies were built with Marty's strong belief in the importance of personal and business relationships, many of which were cultivated through the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc.
Throughout his work Chace weaves great respect for IHEs with a dose of anxiety about their current state; he also exhibits a strong belief in the importance of faculty.
Forest City created Community Day in 2004 as an initiative that allows employees to volunteer their time and skills to local community organizations and to exhibit the company's strong belief in its other core values, such as teamwork and performance ethics.