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I have often wondered whether those early Madonnas of Raphael, with the blond faces and somewhat stupid expression, kept their placidity undisturbed when their strong-limbed, strong-willed boys got a little too old to do without clothing.
Rather, there is stern satisfaction in the performance of the warrior's and the sea-king's task, the determination of a strong-willed race to assert itself, and do, with much barbarian boasting, what its hand finds to do in the midst of a difficult life and a hostile nature.
He was the disciple of a holy man annexed by a strong-willed old lady.
The iron-hearted Puritan, the relentless persecutor, the grasping and strong-willed man was dead
But the strong-willed old beldam scowled, and beckoned, and flung the energy of her purpose so forcibly at this poor combination of rotten wood, and musty straw, and ragged garments, that it was compelled to show itself a man, in spite of the reality of things.
Like many Nigerian girls, Ngozi comes in a small package but is strong-willed and determined?
In this wise, he could not be overbearing with his strong-willed daughter Sara as the Davao City mayor.
The star of political drama "Miss Sloane" spoke about her role as a strong-willed lobbyist in the John Madden film, which premieres at the AFI Fest.
Reluctant attraction rises between a strong-willed couple, in this choice pick for connoisseurs of the genre.
A strong-willed woman challenging both Barzani and Nawshirwan Mustafa, Hero's 1970 marriage to Jalal Talabani gave the latter a higher social status.
They made us more compassionate, more open to dialogu[ETH][micro], and more strong-willed.