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Noun1.structural member - support that is a constituent part of any structure or buildingstructural member - support that is a constituent part of any structure or building
beam - long thick piece of wood or metal or concrete, etc., used in construction
bracing, brace - a structural member used to stiffen a framework
plate - structural member consisting of a horizontal beam that provides bearing and anchorage
riser - structural member consisting of the vertical part of a stair or step
sill - structural member consisting of a continuous horizontal timber forming the lowest member of a framework or supporting structure
structure, construction - a thing constructed; a complex entity constructed of many parts; "the structure consisted of a series of arches"; "she wore her hair in an amazing construction of whirls and ribbons"
support - any device that bears the weight of another thing; "there was no place to attach supports for a shelf"
tread - structural member consisting of the horizontal part of a stair or step
upright, vertical - a vertical structural member as a post or stake; "the ball sailed between the uprights"
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interior: 1) mount "volts direct current" (vdc) boxes to structural members in chp~s 1, 2, & 3 2) mount vdc box to structural member in chp 4 3) mount 120 reel systems in chp~s 1, 2, & 3 4) mount 11 reel systems in chp 5) test reel systems
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because certain hatchbacks are likely to have left the factory without proper welds on the front structural member assembly, compromising the integrity of the vehicle.
The dashboard structure is composed of three material layers: a long glass fibre-reinforced plastic structural member, a PUR foam layer, and a so-called slush skin--which is a moulded PVC skin.
As part of this process, the designer will strategically weaken the structural member to allow specific deflections under applied load, allowing the member to mimic the structural behavioral properties of real-use conditions.
The last two materials can be used as the binding sublayer characterised by a high level of adhesion with the material of the structural member and the coating.
That was the perfect location to place the structural member without interfering with rear seat occupants or cargo storage," Brenders says.
Maximum bending moment values of each structural member were calculated with beam models for each load level of stepped cyclic load schedules that the members were subjected to.
Today, exposed overhead beams are generally used in a decorative way to imitate the structural exposed beams common in older construction But designers who forget the beam's historical function as a structural member often place beams somewhat haphazardly.
Removing material from a structural member will make it less stiff," he says.
Structural member (hereafter-member) is flexural, eccentrically compressed or eccentrically tensioned bar made of concrete, reinforced concrete, metal, wood or other materials;

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