student driver

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SPRINGFIELD - A student driver who stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake sent a van through a wall at the Springfield Faith Center on Sunday, causing an estimate $100,000 in damage.
Whether you are a busy professional scrambling to work in the morning, trying to fit into that perfect parking spot downtown or you're a concerned parent that wants to know your new student driver is more safe on the roads, the FenSens gives you eyes in the back of your vehicle.
The more hours behind the wheel in real traffic, the greater the experience the student driver will have before they gain their driving licence.
Instructors demonstrated how hard it was to drive while dealing with assorted in-car distractions such as passengers talking, changing radio stations and even handing the student driver a phone to text while driving.
They later apologised for spoiling the party, but residents insisted the student driver was to blame for "lurching forward.
The endorsement also changes the "who is an insured" clause of the BAP to include the named insured, any driving instructors, and any student driver while being instructed by the named insured or an instructor.
But it seems it will take constant awareness days and police enforcement to change drivers' lax attitude: leaving NDU, The Daily Star's car was nearly hit by a student driver who appeared to have mistaken the campus roads for a racetrack.
He even won the award for the worst student driver in recognition of the speed of his wheelchair propulsion.
4) If a student driver fails a driving test, another 10 hours' instruction must be taken and recorded officially before the test re-sit.
Amazingly--in such a city--he doesn't drive either, but that doesn't stop him riding around since there's usually an eager, bright-eyed student driver available.
In each state, as the student driver progresses, his or her restrictions are eased gradually.
There was a student driver who traveled with the team.

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