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Noun1.student nurse - a nurse in training who is undergoing a trial periodstudent nurse - a nurse in training who is undergoing a trial period
nurse - one skilled in caring for young children or the sick (usually under the supervision of a physician)
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When the opening day came, we came up for rehearsal and we were in yellow uniforms, as student nurses at that time.
She was a student nurse and in the second year of her diploma.
During the period that the student nurse is not under the aegis of the university faculty, the former may be employed as a nursing student employee.
But Aintree Hospitals NHS Trust said student nurses could apply for staff passes, and the money taken would go towards improving patient care.
She said: "I've always had a lot of time for the elderly, even when I was a student nurse.
The number of student nurses doing a three-year nursing course has risen from 6100 25 years ago to 9200 but the student nurse bursary has only slightly improved in that time.
The injection that led to his injuries was administered on October 10, 1996, by Regina Allen, a student nurse from Lorain County Community College.
Provides positive clinical learning experiences for the student nurse within institutional boundaries.
The 21-year-old received the Royal College of Nursing Wales' Student Nurse of 2015 title in front of an audience of politicians, NHS chiefs and fellow nurses.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a student nurse at Teesside University.
When student nurses are in clinical settings and under the aegis of the university, registered nurses (RNs) remain responsible for the overall care of the clients; however, some components of client care will be shared.

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