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1. One that stuffs.
2. A flier, insert, or enclosure, often serving as an advertisement or announcement, that is mailed with a bill or other item.
3. A stocking stuffer.


(ˈstʌf ər)

1. a person or thing that stuffs.
2. an advertisement, announcement, or reminder inserted in an envelope and mailed with something else, as a bill or bank statement.
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Noun1.stuffer - a craftsman who stuffs and mounts the skins of animals for displaystuffer - a craftsman who stuffs and mounts the skins of animals for display
artisan, journeyman, artificer, craftsman - a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft
2.stuffer - an advertising circular that is enclosed with other material and (usually) sent by mail
broadsheet, broadside, circular, flyer, handbill, throwaway, flier, bill - an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution; "he mailed the circular to all subscribers"
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The stuffer barrel can stay mounted to the extruder while the rest of the unit is pulled out for cleaning.
This pneumatic stuffer box is said to provide ease when prototyping, material testing, short ran molding or micro molding.
Quick - only 24 days until the 31st annual Turkey Stuffer 5K run/walk presented by the Willamalane Park and Recreation District.
Special promotions will include free shipping on qualified orders, and stocking stuffer deals with prices under $10.
The retailer on its floors will expand its decor, gift and stocking stuffer assortments for the season.
Keep this in mind for a great holiday hostess gift or stocking stuffer.
Looking for a little stocking stuffer this Christmas?
Many professionals include an EFTPS statement stuffer or brochure in the tax return information they send to clients.
Still, this Tim Burton live-action animation is a stocking stuffer for any elf with a sense of humor.
A food grinder (hand crank or electric) and a sausage stuffer are the only equipment you need.
Most of the stuffers, however, look like lobed bell peppers and come in single colors, such as `Yellow Stuffer' and `Orange Stuffer,' which are the most commonly available varieties.
Transfer to a sausage stuffer fitted with a medium nozzle.