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Noun1.stump speech - political oratory
oratory - addressing an audience formally (usually a long and rhetorical address and often pompous); "he loved the sound of his own oratory"
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However, Winfrey told People magazine it wasn't meant to be a stump speech.
Since then, the commitment to American steel has been dropped from his stump speech, and the administrations recently released infrastructure plan includes nothing about requiring American steel in pipelines, despite its heavy focus on the buildout of oil and gas pipeline infrastructure.
This book traces the origins, diffusion, remaking, and acceptance of the stump speech in 19th-century politics in the US, UK, and Australia.
The protest was confined to a few players until last month when Trump brought it up in a stump speech.
I leaped on to my soapbox to deliver my stump speech, telling the crowd: "It's great to be here in Bury.
In a campaign-style stump speech, he told the party: "The past is no place to linger" and "the best is yet to come.
Stability in global financial markets, including currency markets, is necessary," Abe said in a stump speech in the northern Japanese city of Ichinoseki after Britain appeared to have voted to exit the EU.
Giving a stump speech in High Wycombe, Mr Johnson insisted the 'In' side was "rattled" with just 10 days to go to the EU referendum.
At one point, the protests became so frequent that Trump asked them to stop so he could hit key points in his stump speech.
Texas Sen Ted Cruz is telling voters in his stump speech, "The most important thing in this election, both in the primary and in the general, is the threat of a nuclear Iran.
The Florida senator was rattling off his usual stump speech when something happened that was definitely not in the script.
As Cameron reached the point in his speech when he promised to fight "heart and soul" for the UK's interests in Europe, I heard the gambler's bluff - an echo of his Scottish referendum stump speech.