stump up

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stump up

(adverb) informal Brit to give (the money required)
يَدْفَعُ دَيْنا بِغَيْر رَغْبَه
punga út
gönülsüzce ödemek

w>stump up

(Brit inf)
vt insepspringen lassen (inf), → lockermachen (inf)
viblechen (inf)(for sth für etw)


(stamp) noun
1. the part of a tree left in the ground after the trunk has been cut down. He sat on a (tree-)stump and ate his sandwiches.
2. the part of a limb, tooth, pencil etc remaining after the main part has been cut or broken off, worn away etc.
3. in cricket, one of the three upright sticks forming the wicket.
1. to walk with heavy, stamping steps. He stumped angrily out of the room.
2. to puzzle or baffle completely. I'm stumped!
ˈstumpy adjective
being a stump; short and thick like a stump. The cat had a stumpy tail.
stump up
to pay (a sum of money), often unwillingly. We all stumped up $2 for his present.
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The cash-strapped city council refused to stump up - despite owning the structures.
The council would stump up an indemnity of up to 20% of the house's value, which is then paid back over five years.
Convincing City to stump up pounds 60,000-a-week while he plays for Spurs will not be easy.