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 (sto͞o-pĕn′dəs, styo͞o-)
1. So great in scope, degree, or importance as to amaze: a stupendous catastrophe.
2. Extremely large in amount, extent, or size; enormous: stupendous wealth; a stupendous waterfall.
3. Remarkable; outstanding: "Perhaps he had never possessed the necessary egoism, and was secretly relieved no longer having to be publicly stupendous" (Philip Roth).

[From Late Latin stupendus, stunning, gerundive of Latin stupēre, to be stunned.]

stu·pen′dous·ly adv.
stu·pen′dous·ness n.
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Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay: But Newton was only the second-best player in fantasy, so now we must move on to the king, a player who put together a season of steady stupendousness that is simply stunning.
In every direction, it reaches to the horizon, a stupendousness of verdure.