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 (stī-lĕt′, stī′lĭt)
1. A slender, pointed instrument or weapon, such as a stiletto.
a. A surgical probe.
b. A fine wire that is run through a catheter, cannula, or hollow needle to keep it stiff or clear of debris.
3. Zoology A small, stiff, needlelike organ or appendage, such as a piercing mouthpart of an aphid or other hemipteran insect.

[French, from Italian stiletto, stiletto; see stiletto.]


1. (Surgery) surgery
a. a wire for insertion into a flexible cannula or catheter to maintain its rigidity or patency during passage
b. a slender probe
2. (Zoology) zoology any small pointed bristle-like part
[C17: from French stilet, from Old Italian stiletto; influenced in spelling by Latin stylus style]


(ˈstaɪ lɪt)

1. a stiletto or dagger.
2. any similar sharp-pointed instrument.
a. a surgical probe.
b. a wire run through the length of a catheter, cannula, or needle to make it rigid or to clear it.
[1690–1700; < French < Middle French stilet < Italian stiletto stiletto; -y- < Latin stylus stylus]
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Noun1.stylet - small needlelike appendage; especially the feeding organ of a tardigrade
tardigrade - an arthropod of the division Tardigrada
style - a slender bristlelike or tubular process; "a cartilaginous style"
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The inner component is either a metallic, sharp, introducer stylet or an interchangeable plastic obturator (Figure 4).
4) No Stylet & Concurrent Suction: Integrated ETT Channel guides the ETT precisely through the vocal cords and trachea without the need for a Stylet, allowing for concurrent suction using the free right hand.
The daily deposition of stylet increments has been validated using known-age, captive-reared specimens of raised Octopus pallidus (Doubleday et al.
The camera was focused on the stylet bundle (SB), but the photos varied in the focal point.
Seconds after partners position their structures for simultaneous sperm transfer, the slugs each insert a second organ, a needlelike stylet.
Un lyceen poignarde son copain devant une ecole a Port-Said, un autre enfonce un stylet dans une enseignante pour l'avoir houspille de fumer en classe, un troisieme se livre a une bataille armee devant un college du quartier branche d'Heliopolis, des voyous attaquent un college technique dans le quartier de Ghamra (surpeuple et connu comme foyer de canaille), y harcelent les institutrices et volent les portables des eleves.
When considering tracheal intubation, the devices were classified into those which had an inbuilt conduit for the tracheal tube and those that required either a stylet or bougie.
For each insect, there are unique changes in waveforms from ingestion, salivation, and stylet movement.
Xpress-Way RX incorporates an innovative removable stylet and has been designed with enhanced pushability, anti-kinking, trackability, and crossability which allows for unmatched deliverability and market leading performance.
Parasitic nematodes have a specialized mouthpart called a stylet that allows them to pierce their prey in order to extract nutrients (though the size of the stylet varies between the different parasitic nematode genera).