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 (stī-lĕt′, stī′lĭt)
1. A slender, pointed instrument or weapon, such as a stiletto.
a. A surgical probe.
b. A fine wire that is run through a catheter, cannula, or hollow needle to keep it stiff or clear of debris.
3. Zoology A small, stiff, needlelike organ or appendage, such as a piercing mouthpart of an aphid or other hemipteran insect.

[French, from Italian stiletto, stiletto; see stiletto.]


1. (Surgery) surgery
a. a wire for insertion into a flexible cannula or catheter to maintain its rigidity or patency during passage
b. a slender probe
2. (Zoology) zoology any small pointed bristle-like part
[C17: from French stilet, from Old Italian stiletto; influenced in spelling by Latin stylus style]


(ˈstaɪ lɪt)

1. a stiletto or dagger.
2. any similar sharp-pointed instrument.
a. a surgical probe.
b. a wire run through the length of a catheter, cannula, or needle to make it rigid or to clear it.
[1690–1700; < French < Middle French stilet < Italian stiletto stiletto; -y- < Latin stylus stylus]
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Noun1.stylet - small needlelike appendage; especially the feeding organ of a tardigrade
tardigrade - an arthropod of the division Tardigrada
style - a slender bristlelike or tubular process; "a cartilaginous style"
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The stylet also stabilizes the needle and releases its contents in a carefully controlled manner (8,9).
The method described with four steps does not require a preformed stylet or use of special equipment, but rather uses a standard J stylet which is found in all pacemaker electrode package.
The foundation of a strong powdery mildew program is early season sprays with wettable sulfur or Stylet oil when vines have 3 to 6 inches of growth.
When paired with the single-use TipTracker Stylet for insertion of peripherally-inserted central catheters (PICCs), the Arrow VPS Rhythm Device provides real-time visual navigation by tracing the catheter pathway with a blue line on a color screen.
After achieving proper muscle relaxation, an attempt at intubation was performed with either the D-blade size 4 using a hockey-stick stylet or the Macintosh blade size 3 or 4 with a standard stylet during which the following parameters were obtained: glottic visualization using the Cormack Lehane (C-L) classification(16,17 )and IDS(13) determined by seven variables:
Most have agreed that younger patient age (<1 year), not using local anaesthetic, late removal of the stylet and increased patient movement worsen outcomes.
The inner component is either a metallic, sharp, introducer stylet or an interchangeable plastic obturator (Figure 4).
5 uncuffed was passed in 2nd attempt using a pediatric stylet.
The difference of stylet length is possibly caused by the different geographical locations and hosts.
The camera was focused on the stylet bundle (SB), but the photos varied in the focal point.
After repeated failures of locating the epiglottis or vocal cords with the FFB, we put Trachway stylet into the oropharynx to assist identifying glottic structures.