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Subject to suit in a court of law.

su′a·bil′i·ty n.
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Georgia the Supreme Court ruled 4-1 in favor of state suability.
Prince Miteb added that President Obama also expressed keenness to achieve suability in the Middle East and fight terrorism wherever it was.
The appropriate duration of persistence is normally achieved by structural modifications that improve suability in light without compromising biodegradability.
But, as far as online environment is concerned, SERVQUAL can not be used meaningfully, as online services possess some unique characteristics that offline services do not possess, which can affect the perception of service quality, such as connectivity issues, site suability and server issues etc.
officer's suability turned on whether the action was for breach of
92) Hans specifically stated, "the suability of a State without its consent is a thing unknown to the law.
It is plain, then, that a State may be sued, and hence it plainly follows, that suability and state sovereignty are not incompatible.
All of the constitutional opinions focus on the federal-state relationship, although they do so through different lenses: the commerce power, federal-question jurisdiction, state suability, the contract clause, state taxation.