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Subject to suit in a court of law.

su′a·bil′i·ty n.


(ˈsjuːəbəl) or


(Law) liable to be sued in a court
[C17: from sue + -able]
ˌsuaˈbility, ˌsueaˈbility n


(ˈsu ə bəl)

liable to be sued; capable of being sued.
su`a•bil′i•ty, n.
su′a•bly, adv.
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Grieving dad Muhammed Suable Islam, 47, said earlier this week: "I loved my daughter too much, and she loved me too much.
I loved my daughter too much, and she loved me too much," Muhammed Suable Islam, 47, said.
at 555 ("A corporation created by a state to perform its functions under the authority of that state and only suable there, though it may have members out of the state, seems to us to be a person, though an artificial one, inhabiting and belonging to that state, and therefore entitled, for the purpose of suing and being sued, to be deemed a citizen of that state.
which violated its own contract was suable in the courts of the United
There is not a single, readily suable entity that is responsible for each violation.
Section 2679(a) of the FTCA provides that agencies are not suable under their organic statutes for "claims which are cognizable under section 1346(b)" of the FTCA.
As a general matter, entities which meet the definition of an 'agency or instrumentality of a foreign state' could assume a variety of forms, including a state trading corporation, a mining enterprise, a transport organization such as a shipping line or airline, a steel company, a central bank, an export association, a governmental procurement agency or a department or ministry which acts and is suable in its own name.
Second, the Court held unanimously (prompted in large measure by a lengthy memo on [section] 1983's legislative history to the other justices by Justice Frankfurter) that local governments were not suable persons.