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adj. suav·er, suav·est
Courteous and elegant; gracious and sophisticated.

[French, agreeable, from Old French, from Latin suāvis, delightful, sweet; see swād- in Indo-European roots.]

suave′ly adv.
suave′ness, suav′i·ty (swä′vĭ-tē) n.
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Noun1.suaveness - the quality of being bland and gracious or ingratiating in manner
graciousness - excellence of manners or social conduct
رِقَّه، لَطافَه، دماثَه
fágun, ljúfmennska
tatlı dillilik


(swaːv) adjective
(of a man or his manner) pleasant, elegant, polite and agreeable.
ˈsuavely adverb
ˈsuaveness noun
ˈsuavity noun
References in classic literature ?
he began, with a suaveness that was cold and of the temper of steel.
He has the suaveness of Roger Moore, the grittiness of Sean Connery.
Known for their rocker- chic outfits, Falguni & Shane Peacock explored a softer side of design while Tarun Tahiliani showcased suaveness in his line
It's a lifestyle-like a suaveness or a swag, per se.
Huston outshines Fox throughout with old-fashioned suaveness and the creepy homoerotic vibe the pair really should have shared.
First, empathy as a personality trait has been tagged as an expression of social suaveness (McAllister, 1988).
htm) forward guidance policy at the Bank of England over the summer, the politicians shifted from admiring the suaveness to interrogating the substance of his judgements.
In his forties but looking more like he is in his early thirties, Fan is soft-spoken yet extremely confident, combining suaveness with sincerity.
We only see the con man, played with sly suaveness by Ranveer Singh, hoodwink four women.