sub rosa

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sub ro·sa

In secret; privately or confidentially: held the meeting sub rosa.

[Latin sub rosā, under the rose (from the practice of hanging a rose over a meeting as a symbol of confidentiality) : sub, under + rosā, ablative of rosa, rose.]

sub-ro′sa (səb-rō′zə) adj.

sub rosa

in secret
[Latin, literally: under the rose; from the rose that, in ancient times, was hung over the council table, as a token of secrecy]

sub ro•sa

(sʌb ˈroʊ zə)
confidentially; secretly; privately.
[1920–25; < Latin: literally, under the rose, from the ancient use of the rose at meetings as a symbol of the sworn confidence of the participants]
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Adv.1.sub rosa - in secret or covertly; "held a meeting sub rosa to avoid general criticism"

sub rosa

In a secret way:
Idioms: by stealth, on the sly, under cover.
Existing or operating in a way so as to ensure complete concealment and confidentiality:
Informal: hush-hush.
Idiom: under wraps.

sub rosa

A. ADJsecreto, de confianza
B. ADVen secreto, en confianza
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This is an overt use of courts to drag more of the public business back into the shadows and enforce a type of sub rosa censorship.
She has also been active as a director and a composer herself, and she has recorded the premiere of the complete Cage's Songbooks for Sub Rosa on CD, as well as Frederic Acquaviva's Aatie on CD/DVD.
The tape has received considerable attention, mostly sub rosa, within Iran.
Conduct comprehensive surveillance and sub rosa (i.
Secret societies chose the rose as their symbol, that's why we now have the phrase sub rosa, a phrase referring to things that must be kept in confidence.
Sub Rosa, Stay Fresh and Thunder Disco Club are the guys on the decks.
We've now heard from not just one but three plugged-in informants, one of them Platinum Triangle real estate mover and shaker Peter Propertyseller, that Italian-born fashion and retail mogul Mossimo Giannulli and veteran television actress Lori Loughlin are widely rumored in certain high-end real estate circles to have made a sub rosa, off-market deal to sell their freshly overhauled mansion just south of Sunset Boulevard in the Flats of Beverly Hills to an unknown buyer for somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million.
Howard Eisemann, president and CEO of Able Legal Investigations, stated that the new location in the Los Angeles area allows greater flexability in servicing clients needs and permits expansion of surveillance and sub rosa investigations.
But the basic problem is that for too long, the history of the postcolonial subcontinent has been hidden behind a veil of secrecy, shrouded by sealed records and sub rosa operations.
While before 1885, Basel (Switzerland) missionaries in Ghana and Ghanaian Christians shared a spiritual interpretation of the world, with the advent of biomedicine, the missionaries began to shun traditional African, spirit-based healing practices, which were then practiced sub rosa.
In addition to writing How Poetry Saved My Life, a book of poetry and personal essays, Dawn is the author of Sub Rosa, a novel about an underworld of magical prostitutes.
Cervantes is daring and fair; he "does not shy away from any facet of his era's legal discourse, but rather takes it head-on, albeit frequently sub rosa, and subversively" (147).