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(sʌbˈzɪər oʊ)

1. indicating or recording lower than zero on some scale, esp. on the Fahrenheit scale.
2. characterized by or appropriate for sub-zero temperatures.


[ˈsʌbˈzɪərəʊ] ADJ sub-zero temperaturestemperaturas fpl por debajo del cero
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Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) was founded in 1940 by Robert Jacobson, the great uncle of current CEO & President Steven Berke, as a distributor of the first practical freezer for food storage.
Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, a manufacturer of high-quality refrigeration and cooking equipment, has teased 120,550 s/f at 300 Michael Drive, Syosset, New York.
Tom Rennie was presented with the Arctic Star for taking part in the expeditions in sub-zero temperatures during World War II.
Mortal Kombat X first trailer offers a two-minute battle between Sub-Zero and Scorpion, with all the brutality and gore scenes that fans have come to enjoy from the franchise.
The participants, who start their voyage on Thursday, February 28, will live in sub-zero temperatures, while enduring the bone-chilling Antarctic winds.
Summary: Muscat: Have you ever spent two weeks in extreme sub-zero temperatures whilst enduring Antarctic winds?
Sub-Zero and Wolf, the industry leader in premium refrigeration and cooking equipment, now integrates with Crestron control systems to provide homeowners with the ability to monitor, manage and control their refrigerators effortlessly.
The latest treacherous weather comes after three people died in sub-zero, icy conditions in Northern England this week.
Prince Harry has jumped into sub-zero water in the Arctic ocean as part of a charity expedition with wounded soldiers.
7 (ANI): Sub-zero temperatures partially froze the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar.
MUCH of Teesside woke up to a fresh dusting of snow and sub-zero temperatures this morning.