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Somewhat sharp or acid in character: subacid berries; fruit with a subacid flavor.


(Cookery) (esp of some fruits) moderately acid or sour
subacidity, subˈacidness n
subˈacidly adv


(sʌbˈæs ɪd)

1. slightly or moderately acid or sour.
2. (of speech, temper, etc.) somewhat biting or sharp.
sub`a•cid′i•ty (-əˈsɪd ɪ ti) sub•ac′id•ness, n.
sub•ac′id•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.subacid - slightly sour to the taste
sour - having a sharp biting taste
References in classic literature ?
Summerlee drew him on with his chorus of subacid criticism, while Lord John and I laughed at the contest and the lady, her hand upon his sleeve, controlled the bellowings of the philosopher.
The inhabitants eat the stalks, which are subacid, and tan leather with the roots, and prepare a black dye from them.
Growing in crevices on rock in subacid to circumneutral soil; mossy granite-schist ledges in the upper Piedmont and vertical limestone sinks in the Cumberland Plateau; very rare.