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n.1.The state of being subalternate; succession of turns; subordination.
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The latter kind of subordination is called subalternation.
407-435; Florian MICHEL, <<Histoire religieuse et histoire des relations internationales a l'epoque contemporaine : inclusion, subalternation, integration?
Although he explains that metaphysics considers being per se whereas the other sciences consider only parts of it, this does not mean that the relationship is one of subordination or subalternation.
On the subalternation of natural philosophy and medicine to theology, see Ed Grant, The Nature of Natural Philosophy in the Middle Ages (Washington, DC: Catholic University Press of America, 2010).
If Luvah is clearly Urizen's contrary, it would be worth considering the extent to which subalternation and contradiction, two other relations set out on the square, might inform Urizen's attitude and behavior toward these other two zoas.