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 (sŭb′ănt-ärk′tĭk, -är′tĭk)
Of or resembling regions just north of the Antarctic Circle.


(Physical Geography) of or relating to latitudes immediately north of the Antarctic Circle


(ˌsʌb æntˈɑrk tɪk, -ˈɑr tɪk)

of, pertaining to, or resembling the region immediately N of the Antarctic Circle.
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The population of this rare wandering albatross, which breeds almost exclusively on the remote Antipodes Island in the New Zealand subantarctic, has experienced an alarming decline in the past 13 years, with very high mortality of females and reduced breeding success.
Effect of aerial exposure on the antioxidant status in the subantarctic stone crab Paralomis granulosa (Decapoda:Anomura).
30) In these stories, the highly unusual context of the desert island--in this instance, a subantarctic tundra desert--makes otherwise quotidian matters stand out with an added significance and intensity.
Long-distance dispersal of a subantarctic brooding bivalve (Gaimardia trapesina) by kelprafting.
In Antarctic and subantarctic waters, for instance, five distinct ecotypes of killer whales (types A, B-big, B-small, C and D) have been proposed (Pitman and Ensor, 2003; Pitman et al.
santolla are well adapted to temperatures of 5-10[degrees]C, a range typical of subantarctic marine environments (Anger et al, 2004; Calcagno et al.
Although neither of these master mariners claimed to have identified a whole continent at that time, their explorations triggered whaling and sealing activities on nearby subantarctic islands.
5) Bioclimatic variants: steppic (stp), submediterranean (sbm), bixeric (bix), antitropical (ant), seropluvial (spl), polar semiboreal (posbo), semipolar subantarctic (sepos), tropical semimediterranean desertic (trsmd), polar euhyperoceanic (poeuhy), boreal subantarctic (bosuba) and temperte subantartic (tesuba).
The South Atlantic was dominated by positive salinity anomalies in 2015, with fresh anomalies south of 40[degrees]S, perhaps reflecting an anomalously northward position of the low salinity subantarctic front.