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 (sŭb′ănt-ärk′tĭk, -är′tĭk)
Of or resembling regions just north of the Antarctic Circle.


(Physical Geography) of or relating to latitudes immediately north of the Antarctic Circle


(ˌsʌb æntˈɑrk tɪk, -ˈɑr tɪk)

of, pertaining to, or resembling the region immediately N of the Antarctic Circle.
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Thanks to the absence of any endemic land predators, several ecologists have described New Zealand as being the best example of how life might function on another planet, and in particular, the Subantarctic islands promise to be like nowhere else on Earth.
Experimental evidence of potential for persistent seed bank formation at a subantarctic alpine site in Tierra del Fuego, Chile.
These species occur in continental Chile and in the Juan Fernandez archipelago, comprising parts of the Central Chilean, Subantarctic and Patagonian biogeographic subregions of the Andean region (sensu Morrone 2006).
Encompassing video, sound, photography, drawing, and, most of all, painting, her oeuvre comes together not so much through specific forms as via a kind of mood: a wintry, subantarctic cool that permeates everything.
Interpopulation hybridization between Atlantic salmon and brown trout introduced in the subantarctic Kerguelen Islands.
Both plants possess needlelike leaves, are endemic to this subantarctic flower region and are used to create mildly sweet herbal infusions.
Effect of aerial exposure on the antioxidant status in the subantarctic stone crab Paralomis granulosa (Decapoda: Anomura).
Sherrard JC, Hunter KA, Boyd PW (2004) Selenium speciation in subantarctic and subtropical waters east of New Zealand.
Late Quaternary forest-steppe contact zone, Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, subantarctic South America.
He was placed on board a ship on Saturday morning and was taken to the subantarctic waters of the Southern Ocean.
It's even more incredible given that these isolated islands are spread across a vast area of the Pacific Ocean from the subtropics to the subantarctic.