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 (sŭb-ăp′ĭ-kəl, -ā′pĭ-)
Located below or near an apex.

sub·ap′i·cal·ly adv.


below an apex


(sʌbˈæp ɪ kəl, -ˈeɪ pɪ-)

located below the apex.
sub•ap′i•cal•ly, adv.
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12,13) Sensillum styloconicum 2, apex, bulbous base with pointed end, smooth Sensillum chaeticum 2, subapical segment, pointed tooth like Sensory organ Chilo partellus (shoot borer) Antenna (Fig.
Members of the subfamily Usiinae (Bombyliidae) are readily separated from those of closely related bombyliid subfamilies by the flagellum which has a subapical sulcus bearing a style and without dorsal or ventral prongs, and by the absence of vein M2 (i.
Furthermore, the straight anterior margin of the opisthosomal shield, absence of lateral wing-like processes in the podosomal shield, presence of 3 sternal setae on the sternal plate, and 1 short filamentous spike and 1 short partially inflated seta on the subapical ventral surface of tarsus IV specified the mite as Ptilonyssus morofskyi.
Descripcion: envergadura del ala anterior 30 mm, con el anverso de tonalidad bronce dorado en toda la extension alar, excepto por la presencia de 3 pequenos puntos blanquecinos redondeados en la zona subapical (el medio muy diminuto), y una llamativa mancha negruzca en toda la mitad del area discal que es ausente en la especie tiponominal de Bolivia.
1I), tibia posterior con peine subapical compuesto por 19-22 sedas rigidas (Fig.
Cercus (Figs 8-9) short, granular, stocky with golden coloured short hairs, from dorsal view incurved with a well developed and sclerotized upwards angled single inner tooth (arrowed with abbreviation IT in Figs 10-11) inserted in median third part of cercus; apex of cercus broad, margin sometimes slightly concave, outer side obtuse-angled, inner side slightly curved downwards and armed with a single medially directed strong well-sclerotised subapical tooth (arrowed with abbreviation ST in Figs 10-11).
They reviewed 183 consecutive lungs from 183 patients at autopsy and noted mural thickening of small muscular pulmonary arteries immediately underneath the lesion in 25 of 48 PACs, while noting this change in the subapical vessels in only 2 of 10 lungs without apical cap.
bauri has long and short mandible that has short, emarginated to round, acute, and subapical tooth with blunt to absence of denticles in masticatory margin, emarginated basal margin nd with acute to wide acute basal angle.
Dryinus of the constans group (group 1 of Olmi and Virla, 2014), comprises about 40 species, 12 from Brazil and it is characterized by the notaulice at least partly visible and enlarged claw, much longer than arolium, with one subapical tooth and never with a broad apical lamella (Olmi et al.
28 of total length, with long setae along entire hind and fore margins and along a medial scattered row dorsally; tarsal claw with 10 marginal denticles increasing in size distally and with a pair of submarginal subapical denticles (Fig.
The subapical horizontal cuts connecting the interdental cuts were osteotomy style, penetrating the full thickness of the alveolus.