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The lowermost front strip or molding of a baseboard.


(Architecture) the lowest part of a pedestal, base, or skirting. Compare surbase



Archit. the lowest part of a base that consists of two or more horizontal members.
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Noun1.subbase - the lowest molding of an architectural base or of a baseboardsubbase - the lowest molding of an architectural base or of a baseboard
moulding, molding - a decorative strip used for ornamentation or finishing
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The wearing course is the final of four layers that will be out down by Arizona, which is currently laying the subbase, a mixture of aggregates and native soil, and the subcourse - the first layer of asphalt.
Subbase thickness also depends on other factors such as the amount of soil support and anticipated wheel loads.
2011) indicated that recycled construction and demolition waste (RCDW) can be utilized as coarse base and subbase layer for low-volume roads.
If the subbase is eroded, then the concrete section will have to be cut out and a new subbase put in and compacted," relates Frank Owens, Quikrete vice president of marketing.
Subsurface water can also cause the subbase or subgrade to wash into unsealed pipes or structures, resulting in settlement and failure.
The use of low-quality materials as subbase seems feasible and advantageous.
WVU specified that both segments were to be constructed of concrete containing limestone coarse aggregate placed on a cement-stabilized subbase.
To allow construction to proceed, soil stabilization is sometimes accomplished by drying a subgrade soil and stabilizing the working platform for the subbase or pavement.
But from the standpoint of the manufacturer, if you can install a subbase in seven days as opposed to 30 days [for a stone field], obviously you can install three extra fields.
A second mark is made representing the thick ness of the subbase (pipe rarely is laid on the bottom of the trench, but placed on subbase fill which provides a solid foundation to prevent the pipe front sagging).
From a materials handling perspective, good floors involve three factors: the floor subbase, its surface, and the type of floor construction itself.