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Inappropriate prescriptions were subcategorised as follows: incorrect empirical antibiotic choice, dual antibiotic cover, and failure to use the most narrow-spectrum antibiotic available.
Time can then be subcategorised into time spent in operating theatres and wards, as patients in each setting consume valuable resources, including material consumables, physical beds and nonmaterial labour.
Currently, breast cancer can be subcategorised based on the status (+/-) of the hormone receptors, i.
Sea planes are categorised and subcategorised as pure seaplanes and amphibian seaplanes as well as a float plane and flying boat.
The 386 queries were subcategorised into one or more of 25 subject areas (Table 1), with a total of 529 allocated subtopics.
Military search is subcategorised as advanced and intermediate, which require a formal capability development process and training, and basic.
Data from both registered nurses and senior nurses were subcategorised into medical and surgical registered nurses.
This is not further subcategorised into moderate or severe problems with self concept.
The peculiar side-effect of the creation of these subordinate categories is that the superordinate category that is simply 'Gothic' has been emptied of texts which are not usually further subcategorised, while retaining a kind of fuzzy integrity and meaning nevertheless.
Furthermore, differences between the food groups of the present study and the guides were: the inclusion of carbohydrate-rich starchy vegetables with cereal-based starches such as bread rather than with other vegetables with low carbohydrate content; cheese was listed as a protein-rich food with meat rather than with milk, and these groups were subcategorised to address differences in the amount and type of fat they contain; and finally, the inclusion of high-fat foods such as oils, spreads and nuts, again with subgroups for proportional differences in the type of fat.
For, just as in some other frameworks "subject" is taken to be universally present in sentences, so, in Anderson (1997: 166-77), it is assumed that every predication must contain an abs, the unmarked semantic relation; and if the predicator, unlike send, is not subcategorised for abs, an unsubcategorised-for abs is introduced.