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a.1.(Anat.) Situated under the cuticle, or scarfskin.
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In another randomized study, researchers found something similar when comparing buried interrupted subcuticular suturing of wounds with and without adhesive strips to close the epidermis (JAMA Dermatol.
Progestin-only methods include oral formulations, the levonorgestrel intrauterine device, intramuscular and subcuticular injections, and subdermal implants.
The cement spacer placed defect site was approached directly through an incision over the original wound and by same plane incision of subcuticular tissues.
00001 ng of DNA, 100% detection was not achieved in the test samples, likely because some of the leaves collected showed no quiescent infection in the subcuticular mycelium.
Contract awarded for Instrument with suture of closing of subcuticular cutaneous wounds.
After the haemostasis of the tumor bed had been performed, Redon's drain was removed by a separate incision, and the wound was closed with running subcuticular sutures.
The anastomosis was performed in a running, subcuticular layer.
Se fija el ombligo a la aponeurosis colocando un punto de sutura desde la misma hasta el borde subcuticular de ambos lados de la incision, anudando finalmente en el fondo.
El cierre de la piel se realiza con patron subcuticular y puntos simples discontinuos.
Furthermore, we commonly use two concentrations containing adrenaline--one for topical use only at 1:30 000 IU and the other at 1:500 000 IU for subcuticular clysis in the management of intraoperative haemostasis.
The INSORB|Shorty Absorbable Subcuticular Skin Stapler holds 8 Absorbable Staples targeted at shorter 8 [pounds sterling] cm incisions.
Subcuticular suture was placed to obliterate dead space.