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a.1.(Anat.) Situated under the cuticle, or scarfskin.
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The subcuticular tissue and skin incisions were then closed in separate layers with 3-0 PDS in a continuous pattern (Fig 5).
Zone A was flipped over to cover the urethral defect of the UCF by an inverting, subcuticular stitching to the urethral layer (Fig.
Incisive Surgical's uniquely-designed, innovative INSORB Absorbable Subcuticular Stapler is a skin closure technology that eliminates the need for patients to undergo the uncomfortable process of needless skin punctures and staple removal that may result in increased pain, wound complications and railroad-track scars.
The time and cost savings, comfort, convenience, and cosmetic results enabled by this rapid subcuticular stapling modality has refined the total customer experience
Spiracles may include subcuticular chambers, or atria, and surrounding sclerites called peritremes (Snodgrass 1935).
This sea cucumber can serve as host for symbiotic organisms, such as a group of subcuticular bacteria living between the epidermal cells and the outer cuticle (Lawrence et al.
15) If sutures are used, a 7-0 monofilament nylon suture with a subcuticular closure is recommended.
Given the overlap among LP, atypical lymphocytic lobular panniculitis, and SPTCL, some authors believe that these disorders represent a spectrum of subcuticular T-cell lymphoid dyscrasia.
The skin was closed using 4-0 Monocryl in a running subcuticular fashion.
There are many ways of suture-less closure of the laparoscopic ports namely subcuticular closure, steritape and tissue glue.
SAN DIEGO - In 500 consecutive cesarean deliveries closed with subcuticular absorbable staples, only one hematoma occurred, and the overall surgical site infection rate was 1.