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n. pl. sub·in·di·ces (-dĭ-sēz′)
1. Mathematics A subscript.
2. pl. sub·in·dic·es or sub·in·dex·es An index of measurement based on relatively few variables, especially a trade index based on the performance of a particular group or type of stocks.


n, pl -dices (-dɪˌsiːz) or -dexes
1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) another word for subscript2
2. (Library Science & Bibliography) US an index to a subcategory


(sʌbˈɪn dɛks)

n., pl. -dex•es, -di•ces (-dəˌsiz)
1. an index to a part of a larger category.
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37, with all 33 subindexes ending in positive territory.
The Index is a composite rating of countries based on their scores in three subindexes OTT Readiness, OTT Intensity and Local Factors.
The regional subindexes all recorded a drop in prices in June, led by the Bek at 0.
Because OER has such a large weight in the total index, it is split into four regional subindexes when computing the median CPI; without this adjustment, the large weight of OER would usually cause it to be "the" median component.
3% between 2006 and 2013 owing to a drop in the heath and survival subindexes.
Dow Jones Indexes has announced the results of the regular annual review of the Dow Jones Islamic Market Titans 100 Index and its three subindexes, Dow Jones Islamic Market US Titans 50 Index, Dow Jones Islamic Market Asia/Pacific Titans 25 Index and Dow Jones Islamic Market Europe Titans 25 Index as well as the Dow Jones Islamic Market Malaysia Titans 25 Index.
Neither the EGX 30 nor the broader EGX 100 have subindexes, according to data on Bloomberg.
88, with 27 of 33 subindexes closing in positive territory.
8 percent, becoming the second-biggest loser among the subindexes.
In this case, the subindexes add little explanatory power to the gross expenditures on R&D as displayed by the small increase in the adjusted R-squared value from 0.
One of the most striking comparisons offered by Denmark's most recent release of its consumer confidence statistics (by Statistics Denmark, December 22, 2006) appears in the "General Economic Situation" subindexes.
Five out of the six subindexes were in the pessimistic range-including sub index scoring opinions about household finances over the next six months, which also hit a record low.