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1. Located beneath or below; underlying.
2. Lying at a lower level but not directly beneath.

[Latin subiacēns, subiacent-, present participle of subiacēre, to lie beneath : sub-, sub- + iacēre, to lie; see yē- in Indo-European roots.]

sub·ja′cen·cy n.


1. forming a foundation; underlying
2. lower than though not directly below: tall peaks and their subjacent valley.
[C16: from Latin subjacēre to lie close, adjoin, be under, from sub- + jacēre to lie]
subˈjacency n
subˈjacently adv


(sʌbˈdʒeɪ sənt)

1. situated or occurring underneath or below; underlying.
2. forming a basis.
3. lower than but not directly under something.
[1590–1600; < Latin subjacent-, s. of subjacēns, present participle of subjacēre to underlie =sub- sub- + jacēre to lie; see -ent]
sub•ja′cen•cy, n.
sub•ja′cent•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.subjacent - lying nearby but lower; "hills and subjacent valleys"
superjacent - lying immediately above or on something else
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These restless marauders, as has already been observed, are apt to be continually on the prowl about the skirts of the mountains; and even when encamped in some deep and secluded glen, they keep scouts upon the cliffs and promontories, who, unseen themselves, can discern every living thing that moves over the subjacent plains and valleys.
The weather was remarkably fine, and the view of the subjacent country - a most romantic one when seen from any point, - was now especially sublime.
On gross inspection, the tumour at the lower pole of left kidney measured 8 x 6 cm and the hematoma was subjacent to the renal capsule.
As a result, topological relations of all model layers are controlled automatically by relationships between sedimentary layers and erosion interfaces--modelled topography of subjacent layers is wedged out in intersects with erosion surfaces or terminated along fault lines.
But other statutes do not even mention the term "original," the condition of originality/creativity being assumed as subjacent to "literary, artistic and scientific works.
Subjacent epidermis was atrophied; acanthotic septae and papillary projections were overlain by orthokeratotic spires separating pouches.
Thanks to the enhanced scratch resistance and higher UV resistance, MasterTop TC 442W provides reliable protection for all subjacent layers of the floor system and ensures a durable, aesthetically pleasing floor for industrial environments such as warehouses, factory halls and corridors.
Prevalence of psychosexual problems and subjacent factors.
2) The stratum corneum is most impermeable against hydrophilic agents, whereas the subjacent epidermal layers are most impermeable against highly lipophilic agents.
The subjacent idea was to evaluate if the predominance of blaming and denial, a typical and perhaps necessary strategy in these situations, could lead to communication which would evolve in preserving the fabric of society.
The favoured aetiological theory, posited by Bruggeman in 1920, suggests an origin from the remnant of the embryonic nasolacrimal duct, and is is supported by the fact that both the nasolacrimal duct and nasolabial cysts are lined by the same pseudostratified columnar epithelium, and also by the fact that the cyst is located subjacent to the wing of the nose, in line with the naso-optic fissure.
The right of the surface owners to take gas from subjacent fields