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tr.v. sub·lat·ed, sub·lat·ing, sub·lates Logic
To negate, deny, or contradict.

[From Latin sublātus, past participle of tollere, to take away : sub-, sub- + lātus, taken; see telə- in Indo-European roots.]

sub·la′tion (-lā′shən) n.


vb (tr)
formal to deny
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The turn-around or Umschlag that happens in every cycle (32) and could, as revolution, one day turn around into the famous dialectical leap of quantity sublated (aufgehabt) into quality, is thus betrayed by the disjointed temporality of war.
There is no nostalgia for previous relations to the world because each relation is fully sublated by the next.
Into this new Age of Global Dialogue, Kung's Macro Paradigm Shift and Cousins's Second Axial Period are sublated (aufgehoben, in Hegel's terminology), that is, taken up and transformed.
The owl of Minerva flies only at dusk, wrote Hegel, who also taught us that a paradigm does not simply disappear so much as it is incorporated, sublated, preserved even in its falling into obsolescence.
Though sublated, pressing this point is neither overkill, japery, nor epistemological minutiae as, sixth, the Azibo Nosology II distances itself from fiat and decree of this sort and instead classifies as peripheral personality disorders any DSM, ICD, or other condition defined in Western psychology that satisfies Wakefield's criteria pointed out above without violating African-centered criteria.
into an object that is just as much sublated, that is, into the concept.
It was clear to everyone in the art world that the aggressiveness of anti-art had been tamed, that the negativity of non-art had been in turn negated, sublated, or otherwise mutated into positivity.
the power of Westminster Abbey, then, lies in the fact that issues of genealogy and ancestry are structural to this particular place, yet questions of race are sublated and displaced through tropes of architecture, memorialization, tradition, and literary descent.
Sublated in these competing narratives is the class antagonism that constantly threatens the allegedly peaceful organic unity of the social body, be it the imagined community of pious Arab Moslems or the fantasized pre-conflict paradise of communal satisfaction and inter-communal conciliation in the peripheries.
Like the Inspector's sublated "truth" in Gerald's Party, then, John's wife drifts off to another plane.
Leading Global Aesthetic Device Developer Offers Exclusive Backstage Pass to Beauty Enthusiasts for an Opportunity to Be Sublated.
And that despite the fact that negativity is understood as Aufhebung, as sublation, that would preserve in itself what is sublated, and, therefore, would not "exclude" it from the horizon of truth.