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tr.v. sub·leased, sub·leas·ing, sub·leas·es
1. To sublet (property).
2. To rent (property) under a sublease.
n. (sŭb′lēs′)
A lease of property granted by a lessee.


(Law) a lease of property made by a person who is himself or herself a lessee or tenant of that property
1. (Law) to grant a sublease of (property); sublet
2. (Law) (tr) to take, obtain, or hold by sublease
sublessee n
sublessor n


(n. ˈsʌbˌlis; v. sʌbˈlis)

n., v. -leased, -leas•ing. n.
1. a lease granted to another person by the lessee of a property.
2. to grant a sublease of.
3. to take or hold a sublease of.
4. to grant or hold a sublease; sublet.
sub`les•see′ (-lɛˈsi) n.
sub•les•sor (sʌbˈlɛs ɔr, ˌsʌb lɛˈsɔr) n.


Past participle: subleased
Gerund: subleasing

I sublease
you sublease
he/she/it subleases
we sublease
you sublease
they sublease
I subleased
you subleased
he/she/it subleased
we subleased
you subleased
they subleased
Present Continuous
I am subleasing
you are subleasing
he/she/it is subleasing
we are subleasing
you are subleasing
they are subleasing
Present Perfect
I have subleased
you have subleased
he/she/it has subleased
we have subleased
you have subleased
they have subleased
Past Continuous
I was subleasing
you were subleasing
he/she/it was subleasing
we were subleasing
you were subleasing
they were subleasing
Past Perfect
I had subleased
you had subleased
he/she/it had subleased
we had subleased
you had subleased
they had subleased
I will sublease
you will sublease
he/she/it will sublease
we will sublease
you will sublease
they will sublease
Future Perfect
I will have subleased
you will have subleased
he/she/it will have subleased
we will have subleased
you will have subleased
they will have subleased
Future Continuous
I will be subleasing
you will be subleasing
he/she/it will be subleasing
we will be subleasing
you will be subleasing
they will be subleasing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been subleasing
you have been subleasing
he/she/it has been subleasing
we have been subleasing
you have been subleasing
they have been subleasing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been subleasing
you will have been subleasing
he/she/it will have been subleasing
we will have been subleasing
you will have been subleasing
they will have been subleasing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been subleasing
you had been subleasing
he/she/it had been subleasing
we had been subleasing
you had been subleasing
they had been subleasing
I would sublease
you would sublease
he/she/it would sublease
we would sublease
you would sublease
they would sublease
Past Conditional
I would have subleased
you would have subleased
he/she/it would have subleased
we would have subleased
you would have subleased
they would have subleased
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.sublease - a lease from one lessee to another
lease, letting, rental - property that is leased or rented out or let
Verb1.sublease - lease or rent all or part of (a leased or rented property) to another person; "We sublet our apartment over the summer"
rent, lease, let - grant use or occupation of under a term of contract; "I am leasing my country estate to some foreigners"


A. [ˈsʌbˈliːs] VTsubarrendar
B. [ˈsʌbˌliːs] Nsubarriendo m
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According to Studley's Insights report, "Subleases Popular Amid NYC Tech Boom," authored by its chief economist Heidi Learner and research colleague Chris Volney, the focus on sublease space by technology firms is creating unexpected opportunities for tenants across all industries while impeding demand for the direct office space controlled by many of Manhattan's largest landlords.
Yet despite these positive signs for those seeking sub-tenants, subleases are actually getting snapped up so quickly because of weaker price points compared to the direct-lease market.
Subleases and assignments are oft-misunderstood creatures.
OTCBB:TGIS) today announced that it has agreed to subleases involving two of its offices, covering the remaining lease period of offices in Detroit and Reston, Va.
The first half of 2013 has seen an unusual number of large office subleases, Peter Turchin, CBRE executive vice president, told reporters at the firm's second quarter briefing last week.
That's the city's lowest level since October 2008, when the market crashed and subleases began flooding the market as tenants with pricey Park Avenue office space snapped into consolidation mode.
United) fail to pay scheduled rentals under existing subleases of aircraft with subsidiaries of Airbus, AIR 2 US will pay these rental deficiencies to a subsidiary of Airbus.
If a ground lease breach causes the Fee Owner to default under its mortgage, then both the ground lease and all subleases made by the Sublandlord would be subject to extinguishment or termination in connection with a foreclosure.
OB) announced today that it has completed the sale of its oilfield subleases.
While rents were unavailable, they likely are on par with what a tenant would pay for a direct lease with the landlord because the subleases stretch to 2023, a term that is considered very long for sublease space.
The Hudson Waterfront suffered most as subleases represented more than half of the vacant space in that submarket by the end of 2002.
While this sublease will help lower the Company's general and administrative expenses in upcoming quarters, WJ continues to consider additional subleases or taking further action with respect to this excess facility.