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A license giving rights of production or marketing of products or services to a person or company that is not the primary holder of such rights.
tr.v. sub·li·censed, sub·li·cens·ing, sub·li·cens·es
To grant a sublicense to or for.

sub′li·cen·see′ n.


vb (tr)
(of a licence holder) to license (someone else)
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M2 PHARMA-September 21, 2010-TOPICA signs luliconazole sublicensing deal(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Y conducts its business operations through various domestic and foreign subsidiaries, sublicensing rights to X's computer program to the subsidiaries as permitted under the terms of the master license agreement.
Tokyo, Japan, Dec 21, 2005 - (JCN) - Japanese biopharmaceutical company Sosei has announced that it and French pharmaceutical Laboratoire HRA Pharma (HRA) have entered into a sublicensing agreement with Sandoz/Hexal Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Novartis AG, for the distribution of SOH-075, an oral levonorgestrel emergency contraceptive developed by HRA.
Relief from the 35% clause is expected to substantially benefit DOV in sublicensing inasmuch as we will no longer have to share any upfront and milestone payments from potential partners, and have capped Wyeth's royalty participation.
are actively involved in sublicensing this technology for commercial production.
is participating in our sublicensing program, as this arrangement will certainly benefit both companies.
When a customer purchased a computer with the software installed (pursuant to licensing and sublicensing agreements), B paid A a royalty; in turn, A paid one to Y.
This agreement marks another milestone in Migami's continual sublicensing efforts throughout the Pacific Rim.
Martin Welschof, Chief Executive Officer of Affitech commented: "We are delighted to have renewed this exclusive license and the accompanying sublicensing rights with DKFZ with whom we have had a long-standing relationship going back to the original development of phagemid-based antibody display system.
EchoStar is offering the event for sublicensing to cable, satellite or internet providers.
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Dietrich Metal Framing, a Worthington Industries company (NYSE:WOR), today announced that it has signed an exclusive sublicensing agreement with Clark Western for UltraSTEEL(TM) metal framing products using patented technology of Hadley Industries PLC.
The licensing administrator will be granted non-exclusive sublicensing rights from the essential patent owners under licensed patents in order to sublicense those patents under terms of the joint patent license and will actively promote the licensing program and collect royalties for the benefit of the patent owners.