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adj. Botany
Growing or remaining under water: submersed aquatic vegetation.
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Adj.1.submersed - beneath the surface of the watersubmersed - beneath the surface of the water; "submerged rocks"
subsurface - beneath the surface; "subsurface materials of the moon"
2.submersed - growing or remaining under watersubmersed - growing or remaining under water; "viewing subaqueous fauna from a glass-bottomed boat"; "submerged leaves"
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
aquatic - operating or living or growing in water; "boats are aquatic vehicles"; "water lilies are aquatic plants"; "fish are aquatic animals"
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Stephanie Guzman, Travis Sawyer, Nicholas Lyons, and Fabian Wildenstein, all of the University of Arizona, for their paper titled, "Methane Submersed High-Resolution Imager.
Be Able To Withstand High And Low/below Freezing Temperatures And Being Submersed In Water,
Inside Syria, she said that the WFP has been prevented access from some areas that have been either besieged or submersed in conflict for months now.
Establishment of Hydrellia pakistanae (Diptera: Ephydridae) for the biological control of the submersed aquatic plant Hydrilla verticillata (Hydrocharitaceae) in the southeastern United States.
Dalglish has been impressed with the way he has submersed himself in the history and tradition, the values that are so important to Liverpool Football Club and its fans.
The researchers maintained a thermocouple probe in contact with the puree sample in the cell, partially submersed in a preheated oil bath.
During the wash cycle, product is submersed in water and simultaneously showered with low-pressure, high-volume water to remove debris and reduce bacteria content.
The 26-year-old has submersed himself in Parkhead culture in his short time at the club and hurts just as much as any supporter when he surveys the wreckage of Celtic's troublesome travels in Europe.
The jar (Figure 2a) was filled six times, being dredged among the floating and submersed macrophytes and their rhizoids.
Except, of course, for all but those most suffocatingly submersed in the Turf, Bolger is nothing of the sort.
Studies have reported extensive losses of Submersed Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) habitat along the Mississippi coast, but the estimates did not account for smaller scale temporal variations.
He added: "The brigade was asked to standby for safety cover until the lowering of the tide allowed a recovery vehicle to attend and remove the now submersed and over turned wagon.