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A vessel or vehicle capable of operating or remaining under water.


(səbˈmɜːsəbəl) or


1. able to be submerged
2. capable of operating under water, etc
3. (Nautical Terms) a vessel designed to operate under water for short periods
4. (Nautical Terms) a submarine taking one or more men that is designed and equipped to carry out work in deep water below the levels at which divers can work
subˌmersiˈbility, subˌmergiˈbility n


(səbˈmɜr sə bəl)

1. capable of being submersed.
2. capable of functioning while submersed.
3. a small submarine equipped to carry out underwater research at great depths.
sub•mers`i•bil′i•ty, n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.submersible - an apparatus intended for use under watersubmersible - an apparatus intended for use under water
apparatus, setup - equipment designed to serve a specific function
bathyscape, bathyscaph, bathyscaphe - navigable deep diving vessel for underwater exploration
bathysphere - spherical deep diving apparatus (lowered by a cable) for underwater exploration
diving bell - diving apparatus for underwater work; has an open bottom and is supplied with compressed air
minisub, minisubmarine - submersible vessel for one or two persons; for naval operations or underwater exploration
2.submersible - a warship designed to operate under water
pigboat, submarine, U-boat, sub - a submersible warship usually armed with torpedoes
combat ship, war vessel, warship - a government ship that is available for waging war
surface ship - a warship that operates on the surface of the water
Adj.1.submersible - capable of being immersed in water or functioning while submerged; "a submersible pump"; "a submergible electric frying pan"
nonsubmergible, nonsubmersible - not submersible or submergible


[səbˈmɜːsəbl] ADJsumergible


adjversenkbar; submarinetauchfähig
nTauchboot nt
References in classic literature ?
They, too, feed the northern health stations in icebound ports where submersibles dare not rise.
It does not pay to "fly" minerals and oil a mile farther than is necessary; but the risks of transhipping to submersibles in the ice pack off Nain or Hebron are so great that these heavy freighters fly down to Halifax direct, and scent the air as they go.
commanded the tug-captain, and instantly revolvers and rifles poured bullets upon the deck of the submersible.
With a loud-yelled command, he leaped to the slippery deck of the submersible, and at his heels came his hardy crew.
The Crabster can withstand depths of only about 200 meters, but other submersibles can dive deeper.
AMS, which is based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire, supplied Sub Aspidas to monitor the atmosphere inside the submersibles used in the project, ensuring safe conditions at all times for the crew and scientists on board.
The team's findings, published in Conservation Biology, reveal how a species can be carried inadvertently by submersibles to new areas, with potentially damaging effects on marine ecosystems.
In the meantime Hawkes went on to develop a series of deepwater submersibles, including vessels for Virgin Oceanic owned by Sir Richard Branson.
So far, manned submersibles could only descend to 6,500 meters below the sea level.
Most personal submersibles currently on the market cost between $1.
When she read about the science of marine geology, the photos of scientists aboard ships and submersibles grabbed her attention.
By filling the mine with water, then using the submersibles to extract ore at greater depths, companies can cut down on bottlenecks at the shaft and high overhead costs, Baiden says.