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Too small to be resolved by an optical microscope.

sub′mi·cro·scop′i·cal·ly adv.


too small to be seen through an optical microscope
ˌsubmicroˈscopically adv


(ˌsʌb maɪ krəˈskɒp ɪk)

also sub`mi•cro•scop′i•cal,

too small to be seen through a microscope.
sub`mi•cro•scop′i•cal•ly, adv.


[ˈsʌbˌmaɪkrəsˈkɒpɪk] ADJsubmicroscópico
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Moreover no one has any experience to date indicating whether the submicroscopic particles may trigger unknown and unwanted phenomena.
Because it takes place at the submicroscopic level, it's impossible to see if a gene splice is successful.
These submicroscopic carbon filaments could be a building block for future generations of computers, sensors and other electronic devices.
Ian Gibson has revealed their repulsive habits and extravagant excesses in submicroscopic detail.
The submicroscopic particles of things interact with our bodies in such a way as to produce sensations of color, sound, taste, smell, and touch.
Zones of submicroscopic ([less than] 1 micron) opaque needles are aligned within some sphalerite.
Therefore, chemical and biological forces work cooperatively in the process of breaking down sulphide minerals to expose microscopic and submicroscopic grains of gold.
In the course of studying scientists' formal communications with one another -- in scientific journals and annual reviews -- and with their students, who may be the next generation of molecular biologists -- in major textbooks directed at serious students of molecular biology,[1] I have found distortions in their view of the microscopic and submicroscopic worlds similar to the common distortions at the macroscopic level.
Coagulation serves one fundamental purpose: to remove solid contaminants that vary from visible particles to submicroscopic colloidal suspensions.
For instance, the doubts cast by some thought experiments on quantum theory were largely dissipated when the requirement that theories of submicroscopic phenomena should admit consistent visualizations in classical terms was relaxed.
An overflow distributor splits the cyclone overflow into two streams: around 30% of the material reports to the gravity separation circuit to recover free gold, then to flotation to recover a pyrite concentrate containing both leachable gold and submicroscopic refractory gold.
Submicroscopic metal crystallites, called nuclei, first form then grow, generally in pine tree, or dendritic, fashion.