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 (sŭb′mŏn′tān′, -mŏn-tān′)
Located under or at the base of a mountain or mountain range.


1. (Physical Geography) situated on or characteristic of the lower slopes of a mountain
2. (Physical Geography) beneath a mountain or mountain range
[C19: from Latin sub- + mōns mountain]
subˈmontanely adv


(sʌbˈmɒn teɪn)

1. under or beneath a mountain or mountains.
2. of or belonging to the lower slopes of mountains.
[1810–20; < Late Latin submontānus; see sub-, montane]
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The different types of habitats in the area are mangroves, restinga, moist lowland forest and marshes, and moist submontane, montane, and upper montane forests.
2014) for phytocoenoses of colline and submontane zones.
The study site was at 714-837 m altitude, in submontane rain forest (Oliveira-Filho and Fontes 2000).
It holds Pristine Submontane andmontane cloud Forest and host extra ordinary fauna.
The earlier mowed sward is surrounded by karstic oak-hornbeam and submontane beach forests.
The agency said that rain, snow in the mountains are expected on April 11, a mix of rain and snow in lowlands, snow in submontane and mountainous regions are expected on April 11-14, and intense rainfall in some places is expected on April 11-13.
Seasonal flight activity of sawflies (Hymenoptera, Symphyta) in a submontane region of the Western Carpathians, Central Slovakia.
We recommend that environmental agencies pay attention to submontane shrubland around urban areas because this species appears to use this type of vegetation for nesting.
Interactions among frugivores and fleshy fruit trees in a Philippine submontane rainforest.
These species are widely distributed in lowland and submontane tropical forests in Southeast Asia (Saunders 2002; Wiart 2007; Saunders and Chalermglin 2008).