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(sʌbˈɒptɪməl) or


not as good as possible, not quite optimal


(sʌbˈɒp tə məl)

also sub•op•ti•mum


being below an optimal level or standard.
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The beavertail grip helps ensure a smooth draw even in suboptimal conditions.
We shall therefore develop and analyze suboptimal strategies based on model reduction and interpolation techniques, and on model-predictive control.
Suboptimal Choice by Pigeons: Value of the Conditioned Reinforcer Determines Choice not the Frequency of Reinforcement
Minority children and those in suboptimal health, along with children who had parents with lower educational levels or lower household income, were more likely to be enrolled in Medicaid during all 5 years, the study found.
The report looked at six areas that contribute to unnecessary costs: medication nonadherence, delayed evidence-based treatment practice, misuse of antibiotics, medication errors, suboptimal use of generics, and mismanaged polypharmacy in older adults.
Results published in a recent issue of Liver Transplantation, a journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD), suggest that the antioxidant N-acetylcysteine (NAC), when injected prior to harvesting of the liver, significantly improves graft survival and complication rates following transplantation even when a suboptimal organ is used.
Excessively increasing the workload may lead to suboptimal care and less direct patient care time, which may paradoxically increase, rather than decrease, costs," the authors wrote.
Each of these countries is pursuing an environmentally suboptimal strategy but nonetheless addressing critical development needs, including food security, fuel and electricity.
As has been reported, we have been discussing with Agrium its conglomerate structure, cost issues, operating underperformance in retail, and suboptimal capital allocation, all of which we believe have prevented Agrium from recognizing its true value potential over a long-term period.
This study aimed to identify factors associated with suboptimal periconceptional use of folic acid and its potential effect on oral clefts.
It does not require the designer to choose a weighting function, he says, is suboptimal and analytical and so easy to understand, and allows the controller to be designed or tuned for quantitative engineering performance indices.
Although this topic has received attention over the last few years in the economics literature, practice remains suboptimal in many of the articles submitted to our Journal and to other journals in our field.