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An oxide containing a relatively small amount of oxygen.


(Chemistry) an oxide of an element containing less oxygen than the common oxide formed by the element: carbon suboxide, C2O3.


(sʌbˈɒk saɪd, -sɪd)

the oxide of an element that contains the smallest proportion of oxygen.
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The Vickers microhardness of boron suboxide ceramics was measured via indentation [5].
x]), the concentrations of which are evaluated in the engine tests, cover a number of compounds, including nitrogen monoxide (NO), nitrogen suboxide ([N.
Vapor pressure of gallium, stability of gallium suboxide vapor, and equilibria of some reactions producing gallium suboxide vapor.
Ebonex technology is based on a titanium suboxide material which has a unique combination of metallic-like electrical conductivity along with the characteristic high corrosion resistance of ceramics.
2] flake substrate having a thickness of from 50 nm to 150 nm, coated with only one layer of a metal oxide, metal oxide hydrate, metal suboxide, or metal fluoride or only one layer of a mixture of two or more of these materials.