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 (sŭb′sĭ-kwĕns′, -kwəns)
1. Something that is subsequent; a sequel.
2. The fact or quality of being subsequent.
3. (-sē′kwəns) Mathematics A sequence that is contained in another sequence.


1. the fact or state of being subsequent
2. a subsequent incident or occurrence
3. (Mathematics) maths a sequence derived from a given sequence by selecting certain of its terms and retaining their order. Thus, <a2, a3> is a subsequence of <a1, a2, a3>, while <a3, a2> is not


(ˈsʌb sɪ kwəns)

1. the state or fact of being subsequent.
2. a subsequent occurrence, event, etc.; sequel.
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Noun1.subsequence - something that follows something else
final result, outcome, resultant, termination, result - something that results; "he listened for the results on the radio"
2.subsequence - following in time
lateness - quality of coming late or later in time
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The so called mufti after absconding from the Sessions Courts at Multan in subsequence to the cancellation of his "pre arrest bail" was intercepted and arrested by the police upon the directions of the learned judge.
Recently, some longest common subsequence (LCS) based methods have been proposed for dynamic gesture recognition [20, 21].
12] proposed the unordered subsequence exchange crossover in genetic algorithm for reducing the makespan interval in the JSSP.
CIRC-PACK project will provide breakthrough biodegradable plastics using alternative biobased raw materials, which will have an instrumental role to play in the subsequence steps of the plastic value chain.
n] if one of it Length (n-1) subsequence is not a sequential pattern Found at [L.
A traversal sequence S' is said to be a subsequence of sequence S if it is a subset of S.
Therefore, any factorization sequence for t has a subsequence whose
This year's exercise scenario included an earthquake, with a subsequence explosion from gas leak and fire breakout in multiple areas of the resort, as well as a collapse of part of the internal walls with the existence of injured people.
n] [subset or equal to] X is an f--statistically convergent sequence then it has a convergent subsequence.
there exists u [member of] E such that, up to a subsequence, [parallel][u.
k] is an increasing subsequence (possibly empty) of [n - 1].
Therefore, each convergent subsequence of the sequence ((1 /n) ln a[(n)).