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tr.v. sub·served, sub·serv·ing, sub·serves
To serve to promote (an end); be useful to.

[Latin subservīre : sub-, sub- + servīre, to serve; see serve.]


vb (tr)
1. to be helpful or useful to
2. obsolete to be subordinate to
[C17: from Latin subservīre to be subject to, from sub- + servīre to serve]



v.t. -served, -serv•ing.
to be useful or instrumental in promoting (a purpose, action, etc.).
[1610–20; < Latin subservīre=sub- sub- + servīre to serve]


Past participle: subserved
Gerund: subserving

I subserve
you subserve
he/she/it subserves
we subserve
you subserve
they subserve
I subserved
you subserved
he/she/it subserved
we subserved
you subserved
they subserved
Present Continuous
I am subserving
you are subserving
he/she/it is subserving
we are subserving
you are subserving
they are subserving
Present Perfect
I have subserved
you have subserved
he/she/it has subserved
we have subserved
you have subserved
they have subserved
Past Continuous
I was subserving
you were subserving
he/she/it was subserving
we were subserving
you were subserving
they were subserving
Past Perfect
I had subserved
you had subserved
he/she/it had subserved
we had subserved
you had subserved
they had subserved
I will subserve
you will subserve
he/she/it will subserve
we will subserve
you will subserve
they will subserve
Future Perfect
I will have subserved
you will have subserved
he/she/it will have subserved
we will have subserved
you will have subserved
they will have subserved
Future Continuous
I will be subserving
you will be subserving
he/she/it will be subserving
we will be subserving
you will be subserving
they will be subserving
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been subserving
you have been subserving
he/she/it has been subserving
we have been subserving
you have been subserving
they have been subserving
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been subserving
you will have been subserving
he/she/it will have been subserving
we will have been subserving
you will have been subserving
they will have been subserving
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been subserving
you had been subserving
he/she/it had been subserving
we had been subserving
you had been subserving
they had been subserving
I would subserve
you would subserve
he/she/it would subserve
we would subserve
you would subserve
they would subserve
Past Conditional
I would have subserved
you would have subserved
he/she/it would have subserved
we would have subserved
you would have subserved
they would have subserved
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Verb1.subserve - be helpful or useful
aid, assist, help - give help or assistance; be of service; "Everyone helped out during the earthquake"; "Can you help me carry this table?"; "She never helps around the house"


[səbˈsɜːv] VTayudar, favorecer


vt (form)dienen (+dat), → dienlich or förderlich sein (+dat) (form)
References in classic literature ?
As he possessed no higher attribute, and neither sacrificed nor vitiated any spiritual endowment by devoting all his energies and ingenuities to subserve the delight and profit of his maw, it always pleased and satisfied me to hear him expatiate on fish, poultry, and butcher's meat, and the most eligible methods of preparing them for the table.
He was, indeed, the Custom-House in himself; or, at all events, the mainspring that kept its variously revolving wheels in motion; for, in an institution like this, where its officers are appointed to subserve their own profit and convenience, and seldom with a leading reference to their fitness for the duty to be performed, they must perforce seek elsewhere the dexterity which is not in them.
Nor, perhaps, will it fail to be eventually perceived, that behind those forms and usages, as it were, he sometimes masked himself; incidentally making use of them for other and more private ends than they were legitimately intended to subserve.
It by no means follows, however, that the incitements of Passion' or the precepts of Duty, or even the lessons of Truth, may not be introduced into a poem, and with advantage; for they may subserve incidentally, in various ways, the general purposes of the work: but the true artist will always contrive to tone them down in proper subjection to that Beauty which is the atmosphere and the real essence of the poem.
In addition, I shall leave open whether they have also physiochemical processes that subserve behavior as components.
Law exists for [human beings] to express their relations and subserve their needs.
if it retains one and the same type, the same principles, the same organization; if its beginnings anticipate its subsequent phases, and its later phenomena protect and subserve its earlier; if it has a power of assimilation and revival, and a vigorous action from first to last.
As an outcome, the narrative text becomes, as Herman puts it, a "nested structure of actions" (Storytelling 40) in which "local textual choices subserve the more global purpose of narrative worldmaking, which are nested in turn in a still broader ecology of representational goals" (Ibid.
is valuable for what its very presence in us does for us after the manner of habit, even though it be turned to no further account, nor subserve any direct end' (Newman 1852:104).
Korczak and colleagues (5) suggested that the areas that subserve emotional and cognitive functions have high insulin binding regions in the brain in turn, insulin-induced hypoglycemia may be associated with the neurocognitive deficits.
As a highway for public transportation it is a matter of public concern, and its construction and management belong primarily to the Commonwealth, and are only put into private hands to subserve the public convenience and economy.