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1. Serving to assist or supplement; auxiliary.
2. Secondary in importance; subordinate.
3. Of, relating to, or of the nature of a subsidy.
n. pl. sub·sid·i·ar·ies
1. One that is subsidiary to another.
2. A subsidiary company.
3. Music A theme subordinate to a main theme or subject.

[Latin subsidiārius, from subsidium, support; see subsidy.]

sub·sid′i·ar′i·ly (-âr′ə-lē) adv.
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Subsidiarily to the above considerations about the Wave Function Collapse concept, some remarks can be brought into question [9] concerning the famous Schrodinger's Cat Thought Experiment.
It follows that the rules and regulations of FIFA shall apply primarily and Swiss law shall apply subsidiarily.
He said that when we focus upon a concept or a thing (for example, a visual image), that thing or concept acquires its explicit shape or meaning only because we are simultaneously subsidiarily aware (through our indwelling) of its parts, which we tacitly integrate into the focal image.
By fixing our attention on a focus in which we are subsidiarily aware of the data by which the solution of a problem is determined, we form a conception of this solution.