subsidiary rights

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subsid′iary rights′
rights to publish or produce in different formats or media a work based on an original literary property.
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Aquila Polonica controls all subsidiary rights for "The Auschwitz Volunteer.
Licensing is detailed in the subsidiary rights (subrights) clauses and is of growing importance because of digital aggregation and distribution.
Rights issues: In publishing contracts these days, ebook rights are negotiated and listed along with all other subsidiary rights.
Chronicle Books, Jenifer Savasta, Subsidiary Rights Assistant, 415-537-4203, jenifer_savasta@chroniclebooks.
Dramatists doesn't have subsidiary rights for the Broadway run, but in a trademark Tutterow understatement, the artistic director notes that the number of calls he's fielding "have definitely spiked.
A single database would encourage publishers abroad to purchase subsidiary rights to Egyptian titles, Habeeb says, because, "why would a Jordanian publisher buy the subsidiary rights to a book in Egypt without having some kind of sales data to know how the book is doing?
subsidiary rights in perpetuity to the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer and Daredevil movies.
A BREWING DISAGREEMENT over subsidiary rights has resulted in an Off Broadway production of Craig Lucas' "A Prayer for My Enemy" getting yanked from the upcoming Roundabout Theater Company season.
also argues that humans have three fundamental natural rights: to life, bodily integrity, and to freedom of action, the last of which makes it possible to transfer subsidiary rights.
laughs] As you work longer at the press--I started in sales, I've been the director of subsidiary rights, then I became an editor seven years ago--you realize there is no dichotomy between scholarship and commercial success, or at least not as much of a dichotomy as it is made out to be.
Subsidiary rights forms for foreign language translation rights, OEM licenses, and web-enabled publishing licenses.
Clare Wellnitz, director of subsidiary rights at Columbia University Press, said: "Including the Columbia Encyclopedia in such a new and exciting concept as xrefer's new library service made perfect sense.