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Adj.1.subsidised - having partial financial support from public funds; "lived in subsidized public housing"
supported - sustained or maintained by aid (as distinct from physical support); "a club entirely supported by membership dues"; "well-supported allegations"
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Money did not become freer, though the casual reader of Daylight's newspapers, as well as of all the other owned and subsidised newspapers in the country, could only have concluded that the money tightness was over and that the panic was past history.
How can British steelmakers compete with heavily subsidised Chinese steel flooding the global market?
Indian Oil Corporation intends to sell subsidised 5-kg LPG cylinders in rural India in an effort to increase usage of clean fuel for cooking.
2m b/d in 2009, the domestic oil market remains partly subsidised despite repeated promises to the IMF to raise energy prices across the board.
In addition, the Israeli news source Haaretz alleged 28 per cent of the housing units subsidised by Ariel's departments' rural affairs administration over the past four years were built in the colonies.
28% increase in subsidised health services in November: IDSC
CONCERNED authorities will have to determine the types of oil by-products that are banned from being exported in their subsidised prices.
This is ridiculous that the Congress today will increase the subsidised gas cylinder from 9 to 12.
Muscat: Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) will no longer be able to enjoy subsidised cooking gas at home, according to Indian Oil ministry's decision.
And now you could get free or subsidised insulation through British Gas.
Companies asking households to opt for non- subsidised LPG connections
Congress sources told Headlines Today on Friday that the cap on subsidised LPG cylinders per year might be raised to nine from the current limit of six units.