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1. The act or state of subsisting.
2. A means of subsisting, especially means barely sufficient to maintain life.
3. Something that has real or substantial existence.
4. Christianity Hypostasis.

sub·sis′tent adj.
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D'ailleurs, le Haut-Commissaire des Nations unies aux droits de l'homme a souligne, dans un message, la necessite d'engager une reflexion commune autour des defis qui subsistent dans le respect des fondements de la [beaucoup moins que] paix [beaucoup plus grand que].
Le peu de salles encore en exercice subsistent grace aux films marocains, nous assurent de nombreux professionnels.
Subsistent knowledge is the knowledge needed by everybody in sustaining daily life and to be functional; whereas super knowledge requires special training, and is for human advancement and betterment.
For my purposes, however, it is essential to see that Augustine thinks of the image of God, not as an analogy between our tripartite act of understanding and God's own subsistent act of understanding as Trinity, but rather as the reformation of our knowing and loving, such that God is not only their term but is in fact their operative agent.
Because this cause is a subject intellectually identical with its esse, we can call this cause subsistent being.
Farming households were traditionally subsistent but the change in socio-economic/cultural and macroeconomic environment over time has created the need to generate income to meet other needs.
He said, more than 83 percent of milking animals in the national herd were raised and bred by subsistent farmers having limited interest in increasing productivity and limited access to the support institutions in the public and private sector.
Celle-ci implique la violence faite a la sociabilite des campagnes qui resistent au nouveau formalisme des villes et subsistent dans l'ombre.
Sandwiched between two Asian giants, India and China, Bhutan is a landlocked nation with a population of over 700,000 people, out of which 68 percent are subsistent peasants.
There is registered an increase of migration to the rural areas, where people practice a subsistent agriculture.
Ce film relate l'histoire de la fille "Wadjda" qui reve d'obtenir une bicyclette malgre les obstacles qui subsistent a cet effet dans son milieu conservateur.
The Trinity is a community comprising three subsistent relations, that is, relations that are real within themselves rather than created by subjects.