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1. The act or state of subsisting.
2. A means of subsisting, especially means barely sufficient to maintain life.
3. Something that has real or substantial existence.
4. Christianity Hypostasis.

sub·sis′tent adj.
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Car subsistent toujours dans notre pays des formes de production precapitalistescomme la petite production marchande notamment dans l'agriculture et l'artisanat, les [beaucoup moins que]travailleurs independants[beaucoup plus grand que] exercant des activites de survie dans plusieurs secteurs comme ces vendeurs ambulants qui envahissent nos villes, des formes de travail quasi-servile comme le [beaucoup moins que]travail non remunere[beaucoup plus grand que]… En somme, c'est plus de la moitie de la population du pays qui vit en [beaucoup moins que]dehors[beaucoup plus grand que] de la sphere capitaliste.
Ce ne sera toutefois quae1/4aoun premier pas dans un combat de longue haleine, dont la pertinence et la l[euro]u[c]gitimit[euro]u[c] resteront av[euro]u[c]r[euro]u[c]es tant que subsistent les groupes terroristes.
He stressed the need to promote research work and to support research culture among students and that we should provide the right platform to them in order to increase the capabilities of the young dynamic students to be more subsistent among other nations.
Although my parents were subsistent farmers, the harvest at times would be so bountiful that they supplied the local market traders with produce.
After the training they were given working tools and grant to start up the business with a firm commitment from Senator Mao Ohuabunwa to facilitate access to SMEs loans as the business grows from subsistent stage to SME,' Okoli said.
Par ailleurs, le document a indique que plusieurs risques de degradation subsistent, l'un des plus importants decoulant d'eventuels ajustements desordonnes des marches financiers, alors que les taux d'interet sont a un niveau plancher historique et les evaluations d'actifs hautes.
MIDSAYAP, North Cotabato - Alongside its deliveries of farm machineries coupled with technical services, the Department of Agriculture (DA) under the Duterte administration is giving impetus to providing "soft or interest-free" loans to save subsistent farmers from age-old dominance by usurers and cartels.
But it is through this very indifferent externality that each element in a mechanical process can appear as a subsistent object in its own right independently of the other objects around it--the piston is an indifferent thing that can be employed in an internal combustion engine, left on a shelf in the shop, or melted down to make something else.
I, therefore, make it known to Don Jose Alvarez this government's right to the Pansipit fishpond, and to consider subsistent the adjudgement of the same to DoNa Glicera Marella as long as the matter binds herself to pay, aside from the stipulated price, the difference between this and that of the previous public auction, in the proportion corresponding to the length of time lacking to complete the term of one year.
finds the proper relationship of person and relationship in Aristotle and Aquinas, who maintain that a person is a substance, a subsistent being, and that relationality is a quality of that substance.
Des interrogations subsistent sur les raisons qui ont empeche les terroristes de s'en prendre aux membres de la famille du ministre de l'Interieur, Lotfi Ben Jeddou.
He said, more than 83 percent of milking animals in the national herd were raised and bred by subsistent farmers having limited interest in increasing productivity and limited access to the support institutions in the public and private sector.