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intr.v. sub·spe·cial·ized, sub·spe·cial·iz·ing, sub·spe·cial·iz·es
To have or pursue a subspecialty: subspecialize in cosmetic surgery.

sub·spe′cial·ist (-spĕsh′ə-lĭst) n.
sub·spe′cial·i·za′tion (-spĕsh′ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˈsʌbspɛʃəˌlaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to specialize in a particular area of expertise within a specialism
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Which brings me to my final point, recently emphasized in a meeting with our incoming department chairman, Michael Recht, MD: increased radiologist subspecialization may help to hold back the threat of artificial intelligence (AI) as our imminent replacement.
Although EM is similar to these main branches in terms of broad scope, there is no future plan regarding advanced training or subspecialization in EM in Turkey (3).
024) regarding the opinion on the need for subspecialization or postgraduate education in the field of gerodontology; students from Zagreb had a more neutral standpoint (all answers were as follows: 'disagree/neutral standpoint/agree': 21.
6,7) This is a compelling argument for focusing clinical care and has been a major driver of the subspecialization of gynecologic surgery.
Of the 355 pathologists who provided explanatory comments for their answer, the single most common reason was that their practice requires subspecialization (n = 205, 58%).
As medicine and each of its specialties evolve, even in a field like urology, where subspecialization is becoming more commonplace, we seem to be learning more and more about less and less.
We felt the need to state the journal's emphasis on the holistic view of clinical neuropsychiatry, as the last few decades witnessed in many fields a trend towards subspecialization and narrowly defined areas of interest.
Not every consequence of subspecialization is positive, however.
Super subspecialization in medicine is what has led to virtually every advance in the last 40 years.
For complex issues that required medical or surgical subspecialization, the referrals were even more complex: Patients traveled 18 hours by bus to be treated in Lima.
Specialization, subspecialization, and subsubspecialization in internal medicine.
Pelvic exenteration for recurrent rectal cancer is often performed in tertiary centers by multidisciplinary oncology teams whereby subspecialization and collaboration have been shown to be successful.