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The part of a microscope located below the stage on which attachments are held in place.


(General Engineering) the part of a microscope below the stage, usually consisting of an adjustable assembly holding a condenser lens for illuminating the specimen



the component part of a microscope below the stage, for supporting a condenser, mirror, etc.
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Biostratigraphic correlation of major cycles in the Windsor and Codroy groups of Nova Scotia & Newfoundland, Atlantic Canada, with the Mississippian substages of Britain and Ireland.
2] Dp Dp2 Dp1 Arenig Lower Ordovician Floian FI3 FI2 FI1 Tremadocian Tr3 Tremadoc Tr2 Tr1 Global series stages substages [O.
We also characterized 6 substages of oocyte and 2 structural indicators of spawning: oogonia (Po0), previtellogenic oocyte primary (Pol), previtellogenic oocyte secondary (Po2), vitellogenic primary oocyte (Vol).
2%-87%) for patients with thin stage IB lesions (that are level IV/V or ulcerated), demonstrating a significant heterogeneity in survival among these substages (Figure 1, B).
035 s was divided into five substages, which consisted of three filling substages and two static stages, as shown in Fig.
The study of so many ostracod samples and populations used in this paper resulted in the establishment of several ostracod associations typical for the different stages or substages (and also different ecologies) in the Lower Cretaceous of eastern Spain.
The boundary between the Hunneberg and Billingen "groups" (later referred to as stages, substages or series) was placed between the Megistaspis (Paramegistaspis) planilimbata and Megalaspides dalecarlicus trilobite biozones when established (Tjernvik 1956), coinciding with the lower boundary of the Phyllograptus densus graptolite Biozone.
These categories are further classified into several substages.
Each of these two periods further consists of various substages that total to five ordinal levels of symbolic play.
This stage of the experiment consisted of four substages designated Pretraining 1, Pretesting 1, Pretraining 2, and Pretesting 2.
Stage B substages are defined according to the size of the palpable lesions.
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