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The part of a microscope located below the stage on which attachments are held in place.


(General Engineering) the part of a microscope below the stage, usually consisting of an adjustable assembly holding a condenser lens for illuminating the specimen



the component part of a microscope below the stage, for supporting a condenser, mirror, etc.
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Plasma testosterone correlates with morph type across breeding substages in male White-throated Sparrows.
It should be noted that the placement of the Yeadonian-Langsettian boundary is not well defined by palynology, and it is unclear how much of the time represented by these substages is actually recorded in the Boss Point Formation.
First, in my interpretation, stages two and three become two substages of a second main stage.
Fifth, to investigate the appropriateness of the ordering of TARPA substages, the current study conducted a statistical hierarchical analysis of the protocol.
This displacement and transformation reveal two substages.
A value of k =25 was selected that assumes an intermediate level of variability in developmental times for all species and substages.
The extraction combines six stages (forest roads, forest camps, harvest planning, harvesting, plantation, and nonpaved road transport) that could be broken down into some other substages.
14] dates in Ohio are reliable; within this period occur all of the classical substages in Illinois (Horberg 1955) and most of them in Iowa (Ruhe Rubin and Scholtes 1957).
2] Dp Dp2 Dp1 Arenig Lower Ordovician Floian FI3 FI2 FI1 Tremadocian Tr3 Tremadoc Tr2 Tr1 Global series stages substages [O.
NREM is composed of four progressively deeper substages.
We also characterized 6 substages of oocyte and 2 structural indicators of spawning: oogonia (Po0), previtellogenic oocyte primary (Pol), previtellogenic oocyte secondary (Po2), vitellogenic primary oocyte (Vol).
The 2002 AJCC pT2 substages confer no prognostic information on the rate of biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy.
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