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a.1.Having no substance; unsubstantial.
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She saw the carnivore brushed aside as he was almost upon her, and in the instant she realized that no substanceless wraith could thus turn the charge of a maddened lion with brute force greater than the brute's.
Tario maintains that there is no such thing as substance, all being created from the substanceless matter of the brain.
While the psychiatric perspective tends to include substanceless addictions in diagnostic classifications (this has already been achieved for Gaming in the recent DSM-5), create new terms associated with the abuse of ICTs (nomophobia, phubbing, vibranxiety, FoMO) and pathologise any excess, other trends warn of the absurdity of this procedure, the effect of which is the overpathologication of everyday life (see Billieux et al.
The creative artistic singularity merges itself into virtuality and expresses the substanceless durationless moment of epiphany; therefore in Joyce's novel Stephen continuously reacts to this moving chaotic reality that confounds the sensible world with his spirituality, erroneously associating its disorienting dynamism with religious guilt and sin, "[i]t was his own soul going forth to experience, unfolding itself sin by sin, [.
Set against a backdrop of ambient cinematic sound, occasionally a glitch would make the walls, on either side of the raised avatar's hand, appear substanceless and two-dimensional.
In one, mountains set behind a vast stretch of farmland appear as substanceless ghosts, a primordial paradise lost to modern needs.
another flashy, substanceless boom and then yet another collapse.