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Thus Holt says: "If the terms and propositions of logic must be substantialized, they are all strictly of one substance, for which perhaps the least dangerous name is neutral- stuff.
Allen cottons to a self-governing authentic person without identifying any social configurations which might reinforce such an individual, and conveys the issue of estrangement as neurosis, investigating the discrepancies between self-formation and the social substantialized as interpersonal connections.
Beijing and Washington's joint designation of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) as a terrorist group substantialized Urumqi's long-held campaign against separatism, extremism, and terrorism.
The promise that she makes to Beowulf, substantialized by the necklace, refers the audience back to the closing section of the Finn's Lay, in which Hildeburh is carried away with treasure back to the homeland.
The Koryo Son master Kagun substantialized the idea that the Buddha had transmitted different minds in different places throughout his career.
Scarso emphasized that the idea of culture had been considered a theoretical artifact that substantialized a set of phenomena that were not necessarily related, but were, on the opposite, the result of specific historical processes.
The idea of the CIMIC is itself a tactical doctrine, which NATO formulated in its Directive MC 411/1 in July 2001 and later substantialized in its Allied Joint Publication (AJP9) in June 2003.
9) According to Democritus the empty space is just as important as the substantialized one as it allows the possibility of movement: "But Democritus' starting point resides in the fact that he believes in the reality of movement, as thought is movement.
Although spatialized framings of substantialized community (such as in the above) are put into question in the present attempt to recuperate the temporal multiplicities that shape a fluid terrain of social and civic relationality, insofar as constructs of particularistic and generalized trust dominate discussions of civic engagement, their "operationalization" in macro comparative empirical studies are telling.
For if personal identities are fixed by names, substantialized by appellations and stabilized by determinations, as we believe they are, then to replace substantives by attributes which cannot be attributed to anybody in particular because they are attributed to everybody (from Claggart to Budd and nature and God), is to contradict the Cartesian logic of Port-Royal on which our thinking is still based.
It is not only that caste has come back in the form of horizontal identities (Srinivas 1966) or substantialized communities (Dumont 1998), but also that caste continues to be an important indicator of social and economic deprivation in India.
Narrative provides a screen by which the imagination takes hold more tenaciously than lyric allows as the qualities of lover and lady are substantialized through action in time.