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tr.v. sub·stan·ti·at·ed, sub·stan·ti·at·ing, sub·stan·ti·ates
1. To prove the truth of or support with proof or evidence: substantiate an accusation. See Synonyms at confirm.
2. To give substance to; make real or actual.

[New Latin substantiāre, substantiāt-, from Latin substantia, substance; see substance.]

sub·stan′ti·a′tion n.
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Adj.1.substantiating - serving to support or corroborate; "collateral evidence"
supportive - furnishing support or assistance; "a supportive family network"; "his family was supportive of his attempts to be a writer"
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The regulations and scientific requirements for substantiating health claims can differ based on the jurisdiction of interest, the type of claim, and the product of interest.
Summary: "If we have information substantiating suspicions of corruption in companies, they will be deprived of public procurement for up to 10 years," Kamel Ayadi, Minister of Public Service, Governance and
Robredo said it was unfair for Marcos to accuse her of cheating without substantiating it.
LG Electronics was found on the wrong foot for not substantiating its claim with evidence that its Inverter V air conditioners keep mosquitoes away.
At the meeting, specific measures were decided for closer and more effective coordination between the investigation authorities and the Law Office, for prioritizing the investigations and substantiating specific cases, the press release adds.
information and documents that "could be capable of substantiating or supporting the claim or representation"
That is, if the claim is specific to toddlers of 2 years and older, the research substantiating the claim cannot have been conducted in 1 year olds.
2007-63, which updates the rules for substantiating an employee's travel expenses using reimbursement arrangements, per diem allowances, or the high-low method.
Countywide, the auditor's Office of Investigations has probed 699 time card abuse cases since 2000, substantiating 133.
The FTC is extremely good at parsing apart studies and it would be an unusual occasion where one or two small studies suffices in substantiating a claim.
Automatically substantiating OTC-eligible items is an important step toward reaching those goals.
In lieu of substantiating actual expenses, however, in certain circumstances taxpayers may determine the deductible amount by electing to use the "deemed-substantiation" methods in revenue procedure 96-64.