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 (sŭb′stĭ-to͞ot′, -tyo͞ot′)
1. One that takes the place of another: finding substitutes for coal; came in as a substitute at the end of the game.
2. Grammar A word or construction used in place of another word, phrase, or clause.
v. sub·sti·tut·ed, sub·sti·tut·ing, sub·sti·tutes
1. To put or use (a person or thing) in place of another: substituted plastic for steel to reduce the weight.
2. Usage Problem To replace: substituted the worn-out couch with a new one; original artworks that were substituted by fakes.
To take the place of another: "Only art can substitute for nature" (Leonard Bernstein).

[Middle English, from Old French substitut, from Latin substitūtus, past participle of substituere, to substitute : sub-, in place of; see sub- + statuere, to cause to stand; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

sub′sti·tut′a·bil′it·y n.
sub′sti·tut′a·ble adj.
sub′sti·tu′tive (-to͞o′tĭv, -tyo͞o′-) adj.
Usage Note: When you describe an action in which you remove one item and put a different item in its place, it's important to clearly identify which item is taking the place of the other. The verbs usually used for this kind of action are replace and substitute, which have converse meanings: if you take away an old thing and put a new thing in its place, you are replacing the old thing with the new thing, or substituting the new thing for the old thing. In the passive voice, old is replaced with new, or new is substituted for old. Sometimes, however, people switch the placement of old and new when using the verb substitute, especially in the passive voice. For example, in a low-calorie recipe that uses applesauce (the new thing) instead of butter (the old thing), the two standard constructions are Butter is replaced with applesauce or Applesauce is substituted for butter. But people sometimes say Butter is substituted by [or with] applesauce. This use of substitute is widely criticized, and most of the Usage Panel dislikes it: in our 2013 survey, 80 percent disapproved of this sentence with the preposition by, and 67 percent disapproved of it with with. In sports, however, one often encounters the less standard use of substitute, where the old player is substituted for the new one rather than vice versa. The Usage Panel is more accepting of such usage in this context; in 2013, just over half the Panel (56 percent) disapproved of the sentence The goalie allowed three goals in the first 12 minutes and was substituted before the end of the period. Unless you are discussing sports, adhering to the traditional constructions will make your writing clearer: replace the old with the new; substitute the new for the old.
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Adj.1.substitutable - (of words) interchangeable in a given context without changing the import of the expression
synonymous - (of words) meaning the same or nearly the same
2.substitutable - capable of being exchanged for another or for something else that is equivalent
exchangeable - suitable to be exchanged
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In the event that no substitutable generic competitor to Advair is introduced to the US market in 2018, the Group expects 2018 Adjusted EPS growth of 4 to 7% at CER.
In early October, Mylan received FDA approval and launched its Glatiramer Acetate Injection 40 mg/mL for three-times-a-week injection, an AP-rated, substitutable generic version of Teva's Copaxone 40 mg/mL.
The Food and Drug Administration approved Mylan's Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) for glatiramer acetate injection 40 mg/ml for three-times-a-week injection, a substitutable generic version of Teva's Copaxone 40 mg/ml, and glatiramer acetate injection 20 mg/ml for once-daily injection, a substitutable generic version of Teva's Copaxone 20 mg/ml.
The assessment of abuse of dominance is dependent on the determination of relevant market which primarily comprises of substitutable products in a particular geographic area.
Whether we should believe Rognlie or Piketty essentially boils down to two questions: is capital easily substitutable for labor, and are different forms of capital easily substitutable for each other?
In Article III:2, two non-discrimination obligations can be distinguished: one obligation set out in the first sentence of Article III:2 relating to internal taxation of 'like products' and the other obligation set out in the second sentence of Article III:2 relating to internal taxation of 'directly competitive or substitutable products'.
This is closely related to the third hallmark, substitutable components.
He covers nonlinear resource allocation, lexicographic minimax and maximin optimizations, substitutable resources, multi-period equitable resource allocation, network resources, and integer decisions.
And when parental roles are reversed, absent, or simply not enough, the three children create a substitutable family structure themselves.
Retailers carrying these niche brand products benefit, too, because the products provide strong margins and category growth since they are not substitutable.
In short, the parties need to determine both the relevant product market, which will involve an assessment of the range of substitutable products, and the relevant geographic market, which may be global; national; regional or local.
In the second half, MIC said, e-readers will be challenged by other substitutable products; so e-reader makers have to advance product functionality.